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ICL Corporate Responsibility Report 2015

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As one of the world’s largest fertilizer companies, our potash, phosphate fertilizers and technology-rich specialty fertilizers are critical inputs that help farmers worldwide to increase their yields and improve the quality of their crops.


We manufacture a broad range of ingredients and functional blends that provide efficient performance features including texture modification, leavening, flavor enhancement, shelf life extension, emulsification and nutritional fortification.

Engineered Materials
Engineered Materials

We are a global leader in industrial additives and materials such as flame retardants, phosphate salts and specialty phosphate blends that are used in thousands of products to make them safer, more durable and longer-lasting.


ICL is committed to sustainable
development and environmental awareness.
They are the key to our continued success
and to the long-term sustainability of our
As a result, we invest heavily to expand our
portfolio of eco-friendly product offerings,
and are fully committed to reducing our
environmental footprint.

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ICL, a global manufacturer of products based on unique minerals, fulfills humanity’s essential needs, primarily in three markets: agriculture, food and engineered materials.
The agricultural products that ICL produce help to feed the world’s growing population.

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