Our Employees Speak

ICL - In the Words of Our Employees from Around the World
Tzvika Toborovsky
Increasing Crop Yields
"The Dead Sea is one of the world's most concentrated sources of potash, bromine & magnesium. We are leading suppliers of each of these minerals – and we also use them in our downstream production".
Tzvika Toborovski, Dead Sea works, Sdom, Israel
Henry Prince
Boosting Food Quality
“In the food industry, each customer has its own unique requirements. We work closely with each customer, developing ingredients that give their products the exact texture, taste, shelf life and nutritional profile that they’re looking for.”
Henry Prince, Control Room Operator, Food Ingredients Plant, ICL-PP, Carondelet, Missouri
Creating Safer Environments
“Most people don’t realize how flammable their laptops, TVs and cell phones would be if they didn’t use flame retardants. Our next generation flame retardants eliminate the fire hazard without harming the environment.”
Rich Kazmierski, Senior Process Engineer, Flame Retardants Unit, ICL- IP, Gallipolis Ferry, West Virginia, US
JP Santiago
"In December 2010, we worked around the clock to ship 430 tons of PhosChek® to Israel. When they air-dropped the product on the raging fires in the Carmel Foret, firefighters were finally able to get the flames under control".
JP Santiago, Biogema, ICL-PP, Marseilles, France
Cathy d
Providing Essential Ingredients
“It’s hard to find a product that can’t be made better through the addition of our products. We work closely with our customers to show them how.”
Cathy Dee, Instrument Technician, ICL-PP, Lawrence, Kansas
Creating a Safe Work Place
“Safety is our #1 priority. We are very proud of our safety record, and continuously seek out new ways to instill ‘safety first’ into the habitual behavior of our miners.”
Enric Casas, Prevention and Safety Chief, Iberpotash, ICL-F, Suria, Spain
Environmental Responsibility
“We’ve made the switch to natural gas at our manufacturing facilities. This makes ‘cents’ as well as ‘sense’: it will save us millions of dollars per year while reducing our emissions significantly.”
Amnon Weinberg, Engineer, Dead Sea Works Natural Gas Facility, Sdom, Israel
“At ICL, we’re serious about conservation. Our mine reclamation activities are among the most ambitious in the world, and we are making exciting progress with our programs to preserve wildlife in the region.”
Hanny Sofer, Draftsperson, Rotem Amfert, ICL-F, Zin, Israel
“The Bedouin communities near our factories look to ICL as an advocate that works to improve their lives, both now and for future generations. It is rewarding to see the difference that our education and environmental programs are making.”
Mazal Kenan, Secretary to General Manager, Mifalei Tovala, Omer, Israel
Strengthening Our Communities
“I have been volunteering at this Afternoon Club every week for several years, and I wouldn’t trade the experience for gold. There’s no substitute for seeing these children growing, year after year, in their abilities and confidence.”
Mali Kalifa, Head of QA, Documents Control & Training Department - - Bromine-Chlorine manufacturing Plant, ICL-IP, Sdom, Israel