Our operations are organized under two divisions the

Essential Minerals Division and the Specialty Solutions Division.

Essential Minerals Division –

This division includes ICL potash & magnesium, and ICL phosphate business units. The division focuses on efficiency, process innovation and operational excellence.
ICL Potash & Magnesium – ICL Potash & Magnesium extracts potash from the Dead Sea and mines and produces potash and salt from subterranean mines in Spain and the UK. ICL Potash & Magnesium processes the potash into its types and markets it globally. Magnesium business, markets and sells pure magnesium and magnesium alloys. It also produces dry carnallite and related by-products, including chlorine and sylvinite.
ICL Phosphate – ICL Phosphate mines and processes phosphate rock from open pit mines – three of which are located in the Negev Desert in Israel while the fourth is situated in the Yunnan province in China – and produces sulfuric acid, agricultural phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilizers in its facilities in Israel and China. ICL Phosphate also manufactures compound fertilizers in the Netherlands and Germany as well as phosphate based food additives for livestock in Turkey and in Israel. ICL Phosphate markets its products worldwide, mainly in Europe, Brazil, India and China.


Specialty Solutions Division –

 This division includes four business units: ICL Industrial Products, ICL Specialty Fertilizers, ICL Advanced Additives, and ICL Food Specialties. The division concentrates on achieving growth through a highly-tailored customer focus, product innovation and commercial excellence.


ICL Industrial Products – ICL Industrial Products produces bromine out of a solution that is created as a by-product of the potash production process in Sodom, Israel, as well as bromine-based compounds. ICL Industrial Products uses most of the bromine it produces for self-production of bromine compounds at production sites in Israel, the Netherlands and China. In addition, ICL Industrial Products is engaged in the production and marketing of phosphorous flame retardants and additional phosphorus-based products.
ICL Specialty Fertilizers – ICL Specialty Fertilizers manufactures compound fertilizers in the Netherlands and Belgium, liquid fertilizers and soluble fertilizers in Israel and Spain and slow-release fertilizers and controlled-release fertilizers in the Netherlands and in the United States. ICL Specialty Fertilizers markets its products worldwide, mainly in Europe, North America and Israel.
ICL Advanced Additives – ICL Advanced Additives business unit primarily develops, produces, markets and sells a broad range of acids, specialty phosphates and specialty minerals for different applications in a broad range of industries, including metal and water treatment, paints and coatings, forest fire retardants, cleaning materials, oral hygiene, carbonated drinks, asphalt modification, deicing, nutrition, pharma, specialty steel, fuel additives and rubber. That stated above is part of ICL’s strategy of increasing its production of downstream products with higher added value.  This business unit purifies some of the agricultural phosphoric acid manufactured by ICL Phosphate and also manufactures thermal phosphoric acid.
The purified phosphoric acid and the thermal phosphoric acid are used to manufacture downstream products with high added value – phosphate salts and acids – which are used in the various industries mentioned above. The product line of ICL’s Advanced Additives business unit is further comprised of processed magnesium products used in the paper industry, cleaning materials and oil additives, catalysts and stabilizers.
ICL Food Specialties – ICL Food Specialties is a leader of creative food ingredients and phosphate additives, which provide texture and stability solutions for the processed meat, fish, dairy, beverage and baked-goods food markets. In addition, the business unit produces milk and whey proteins for the food ingredient industry. The business unit operates primary production locations in Germany and Austria, which primarily process phosphates, milk and spices. The business unit runs several local blending facilities in Germany, UK, the United States, Brazil, China and Australia which enable ICL to produce "customer specific" solutions that meet the requirements of the local market.