Industrial Products

Industrial Products
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ICL Industrial Products is the world’s leading producer of elemental bromine and a major player in the flame retardant (FR) industry, both through its manufacture and sale of bromine-based FRs and its world-leading production of organophosphorus-based FRs. ICL-IP also produces and sells a variety of bromine compounds and other chemicals based primarily on the rich mineral resources found in the Dead Sea. ICL-IP sells these products to the electronics, construction and automobile industries, as well as clear brine fluids to the oil and gas drilling industry and biocides for industrial water, drinking water and swimming pool applications.


ICL-IP is the owner of IMI TAMI Institute for Research and Development Ltd. (, ICL corporate R&D center and TAMI is the owner of ICL Innovation Ltd. (, ICL open innovation technology incubator.



 Industrial Products at a Glance*


    • Revenues: $1.3 billion
    • % of ICL Revenues: 20% (external sales)
    • Operating Income: $114.5 million
    • Market Leader: #1 producer of elemental bromine (~38% of global production capacity); #1 producer of organophosphorus FRs
    • Major Markets: Western Europe, US, China, Japan and Taiwan


 * based on 2013 results



Product Lines


    • FRs based on bromine and phosphorus: a global leader of the phosphorus-based FR industry
    • Elemental bromine: produces approximately a third of total international production of elemental bromine (potential production capacity of 280,000 tons)
    • Organic bromine compounds: used mainly as a reagent in the pharma and agro industries
    • Clear brines (bromine based heavy completion fluids): used to facilitate deep oil and gas drilling operations
    • Bromine and chlorine based biocides: used for water treatment in pools and spas, cooling towers, paper production systems, shale gas hydro-fracturing operations, cleaning and sanitizing markets, disinfecting drinking water.
    • Calcined and specialty magnesia products: used in steel transformer production, rubber, food, pharma, mineral supplement applications, calcia products and varied industrial applications
    • Salts based on chlorine
    • Functional fluids used as lubricants for use in power stations, aviation and industrial systems.
    • Inorganic bromides for neutralization of mercury

  External Sales 2013





* Based on 2013 external sales


Competitive Position


ICL Industrial Products competitive edge derives from several factors:


    • Access to the Dead Sea, a high-concentration source of bromine (10-12 grams per liter vs. 2-6 in brine wells in USA and Russia and 0.2 in underground wells in China)
    • One of the industry’s largest fleets of isotanks, which enables the transport of large quantities of bromine safely throughout the world
    • Global marketing network
    • Strong technical support system

Production Capacity of Bromine Manufacturers in 2013



Source: ICL estimates

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