Intern, Co-op and Apprenticeship Opportunities

ICL promotes skills among high school students in collaboration with industrial schools that operate under
the auspices of Israel’s Ministry of Industry and Commerce.
The Company employs around 60 11th and 12th grade students from four high schools in Israel’s Negev region.
The students study four days a week in their schools and work for two days a week in an ICL facility. In their schools, the students study a trade and are granted a certificate in one of the following fields: electronics, welding, mechanics machining and autotronics (automotive electronics).
Each student that works for ICL is assigned a mentor who is an employee of the Company that accompanies the student along his/her path whether in terms of professional instruction and practical training – as a continuation of the student’s schooling, or in terms of helping the student acquire the tools required to cope with adult life, including assuming responsibility, developing a work ethic, dealing with authority, integrating into society and making correct life decisions.
ICL views this program with great importance in terms of its contribution to the community and for creating skilled workers that can join the Company.