Working at ICL

Employment at ICL

The underlying key to our success at ICL is the talent and dedication of our employees. They have been the driving force in building our company into one of the chemical industry’s most complex manufacturing eco-systems – and they are our greatest assets. Our ICL family is a diverse group of 12,000 managers, research scientists engineers, plant workers, salespeople, as well as logistics, finance and administrative personnel from the four corners of the globe.


As a leading industrial company, we employ hundreds of chemical, mechanical, electrical, industrial process and civil engineers, as well as researchers in the areas of chemistry and geology, accounting, economists and academics in other fields. In addition, we employ workers in a range of technical fields including electricians, mechanics, laboratory technicians, maintenance workers and control room technicians.


In Israel, we are the largest employer in the Negev. Every year, we hire hundreds of new employees for our factories in Israel’s southern region and Haifa Bay. In addition, to broaden and expand our pipeline of potential future-employees, we have formed support programs with several universities to actively encourage students to pursue educations in fields that are relevant to our business. Students selected for this program begin receiving financial support at the end of their second year of university studies, and also begin working with us under supervision and instruction for one day per week and during holidays. At the end of their studies, we help our students choose a real-world challenge as the topic for a final project, and support them in its completion. After receiving their degrees, we employ these students as engineers. Through this and other projects, students find their place at ICL even before completing their studies. We encourage studies for obtaining an MA and Ph.D. degree in several disciplines such as engineering that we are in particular need of expertise.


ICL’s manufacturing facilities, logistics, and sales and marketing offices can be found in all leading markets and in proximity to our clients. Our R&D teams are active in Europe and North America as well as in Israel, giving us the benefit of a broad range of experience and know-how. The diverse talents of our employees are critical for our ability to cope with rapid global change.


We are committed to recruiting and retaining versatile, highly motivated individuals that enjoy a team-oriented culture that encourages creativity, decision-making and entrepreneurial spirit, and we compensate these individuals appropriately.

We strive for a diverse and inclusive work environment. We believe that in a technological and professional company like ICL, diversity is essential for a company that does business around the world, in many different countries and cultures.


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