Community Involvement: Europe

Community Involvement Europe

Our ICL Iberia Súria & Sallent sites work with many local institutions to practice good corporate citizenship, promote sustainability and build strong communities. These include universities, research centers, corporation sectorial associations, European technology platforms, cultural, recreational and sports entities, non-profits working with disadvantaged groups and municipalities in which it operates. In 2014 ICL’s Spanish business unit contributed €300,000 to the local community through its operations, projects and sponsorships. Some examples include the following:​

  • ICL Iberia Chair: The ICL Iberia Chair in Sustainable Mining was created in October 2007 as a joint initiative of ICL Iberia and the Superior Polytechnic school of Manresa (Escola Politècnica Superior de Manresa) from the UPC (Catalan Polytechnic University). Its main objective is to promote knowledge and innovation in sustainability in the mining industry.
  • Kursaal Theater: Since 2009, ICL Iberia has supported culture in Bages County through its collaboration with the Kursaal Theater in Manresa. In 2014 for example, the company paid tribute to World Environment Day with discussions and debates held in the Manresa Kursaal Theater.
  • Basketball Manresa: ICL Iberia supports one of Bages’ most iconic sports clubs, Basketball Manresa. ICL will continue to support this team through the 2014-2015 season.
  • Geopark: In April 2011 ICL Iberia joined the Geological and Mining Park of central Catalonia through an agreement with the regional Bages council and Súria city council.
  • Abadía de Montserrat Foundation: Since 2010, ICL Iberia has collaborated with the Abadía de Montserrat Foundation 2025 (culture, nature).
  • Historic Cardona Foundation: In 2013 ICL Iberia worked with the Historic Cardona Foundation, an organization committed to maintaining and protecting the historical and mining heritage of the municipality.
  • Aula Taronja: ICL Iberia collaborates with the regional TV program, Aula Taronja, which shares knowledge through the vision of young journalists.
  • AMPANS: ICL Iberia Súria & Sallent supports AMPANS in Central Catalonia, an organization dedicated to the wellbeing of people with intellectual disabilities through financial contributions and commissioning projects through AMPANS Special Job Center (Centro Especial de Empleo CEE).
  • Collaboration with Local Organizations: ICL Iberia collaborates with the Volunteer Association of Súria (InfantSúria), the Children’s fair of Manresa “Campi qui jugui”, and the Council of Manresa’s literary initiative, “Tocats de Lletra”.
  • Support for Local Events: ICL Iberia Súria & Sallent is a sponsor of large local annual festivals occurring in Súria, Sallent and Balsareny, as well as cultural and educational activities in these municipalities throughout the year. For example it is a sponsor and collaborates with the IGENIUM session (Institute of Engineers of Catalonia), meetings of Catalonian Engineers and the Mediterranean Trade Show in Manresa.

Our subsidiary in Germany is committed to the Ladenburg and Ludwigshafen communities in which it operates and to enhancing and supporting its local residents, institutions and social organizations. One of the subsidiary’s main goals is to support institutions and projects that assist needy, sick or socially handicapped children and young people. In this context, in 2014 it fundeds programs and purchases equipment for youth sports groups, a children’s hospital, a children’s home and the Ladenburg Township’s “youth parliament” which aims to involve children in the community. Projects include:

  • Integration: ICL sponsored two cultural events enhancing the integration of young people of multinational origin. The first event is administered by the highly renowned philharmonic orchestra of Rhineland-Palatinate which began a program to teach pupils how to play instruments together, an experience with creates an integrating effect. The second event occurs at the National Theater in Mannheim, where ICL sponsored the creation and performance of a show with multinational children. The show’s title is “Multiple Languages” and its premiere is in January 2016.
  • History: ICL financed the creation of a film illustrating the story of Ursula Michel, who was sent via various stations as a single child to London, fleeing the Nazi regime (“The Little Suitcase”). In this context ICL continuously supports the placement of “stumble stones” made from bronze and showing names of victims of the Nazi regime.
  • Sports and Family Events: For several years ICL has co-sponsored the Ladenburg triathlon event, “RömerMan” as well as “Knowledge Transfer Day” in the metropolitan area which is organized by the Management School at Heidelberg. The Company also sponsors public events and local sports teams in Ludwigshafen, including a “Family Festival” with a Kids Parade, the Ludwigshafen handball team, “Die Eulen” (Owls) which plays in the national league.


  • Assistance to Entrepreneurs: ICL’s subsidiary in France, Scora SA, is a member of an organization that helps local entrepreneurs to launch or buy companies by supporting and guiding local entrepreneurs with employees’ knowledge in various areas such as sales, HR, finance, production and regulation.
  • Scora provides caps and scarfs to school children in Caffiers for their customary bi-annual ski vacations.


  • Cancer Prevention: ICL’s operations in Amsterdam (ICL Fertilizers Europe C.V. and ICL- IP Europe B.V.) sponsor a local initiative for cancer prevention
  • Culture: The business unit contributes approximately €20,000 each year to the Maritime Museum Amsterdam. ICL’s operation in Terneuzen, the Netherlands, devotes approximately €50,000 each year to local community support and engagement activities. In 2014, the company provided sponsorships of numerous activities in the Terneuzen municipality, including regional cultural events such as the Zeeuws-Vlaanderen Festival, the annual Terneuzen Jazz Festival and the annual Graauw Rock Festival.
  • Volunteerism: The Company devotes approximately €7,500 each year in volunteer hours by its employees in the local community in Amsterdam.
  • Sports: The company also sponsors a large number of regional sports events such as the Zeeuws-Vlaanderen Marathon - an annual sporting event in which a number of the company’s employees participate, Ride for the Roses – a national cycling event in the fight against breast cancer, and other smaller activities and sports events (organized with the participation of one of ICL’s employees), e.g. cycling tours, local football teams, swimming for handicapped children and athletic events.
  • Education: The company’s health and safety environment education officer as well as qualified employees called ‘Technical Ambassadors,’ attend school information events to promote technical studies at local schools and work in the chemical industry, and at ICL, in particular.