ICL in the Community

Our Vision

 We aim to be a significant engine for growth and to help develop the communities in which we operate. By initiating and investing in processes and projects, together with employees and local residents, organizations and leaders, we work to be a positive force both in Israel and around the world.

Our Goals

  • Create shared value with stakeholders and maintain a “Social License to Operate” in targeted communities
  • Develop an operational model, including an employee volunteer framework, in order to create partnerships with the communities in which we operate
  • Empower disadvantaged populations
  • Empower and develop local leadership by working with “change agents” within communities, in order to further develop ICL’s social circles of influence
  • Promote synergy between projects and activities, with an emphasis on ICL’s flagship projects
  • Promote innovation in the field of chemistry and its various components, i.e. knowledge, learning, leadership development and human excellence.


In 2014, our investment in community related programs in Israel totaled $5 million (NIS 19 million). In addition, with the conviction that good corporate citizenship leads to personal involvement as well as financial assistance, we strongly encourage our employees and managers to take an active role in these programs. ICL is taking steps to deepen and broaden its community activities outside of Israel and to bring them up to a scale similar to those in Israel.
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Education and Science
Education and Science
Environmental Initiatives
Environmental Initiatives
Health and Welfare Initiatives
Health and Welfare Initiatives