Snapshot for Investors

Diversified Company: We are a diversified global fertilizers and specialty chemicals company with 13,000 employees worldwide and revenues of $5.4 billion (2016). Our Essential Minerals and Specialty Solutions divisions produce thousands of products that fulfill essential needs by contributing to agricultural productivity and food security, improving nutritional values of food products and making them more stable and appealing and improving the safety, efficacy and environmental friendliness of industrial materials and production processes.


Multiple End Markets: We fulfill essential needs in three core end markets – Agriculture, Food and Engineered Materials by utilizing an integrated value chain based on specialty minerals.  


Market Leader: We are the world’s sixth largest producer of potash, a leading producer of specialty fertilizers, the largest producer of bromine, and a major player in flame retardants, specialty phosphates, bromine-based drilling fluids and specialty chemical niche markets.


Key Advantages:

  • Access to vast and highly concentrated natural resources – we operate under a concession granted by the Israeli government, which ensures the production of potash and bromine at the Dead Sea. One of the important features of the area is virtually unlimited reserves and a low cost of production.
  • Ability to store large potash volumes in the open air and unique low cost technology at the Dead Sea
  • Extensive product range – integrated portfolio across segments, from basic materials to downstream products
  • Vertical integration of manufacturing activities with high utilization of by-products and waste products
  • Global presence of manufacturing, logistics, sales and service capabilities
  • Proximity to Asia Pacific markets from Israel ports


Efficiency Initiatives and Cash Flow Optimization: We are on track to achieve $400 million of savings by the end of 2016 (compared to 2013) through company-wide efficiency initiatives, including operational excellence initiatives and savings in procurement processes and HR, especially in our Essential Minerals division, and by optimizing our cash flow. These measures have resulted, among other things, in a 20% reduction in our cost of producing potash since 2013.


Focus on Global Trends: We aim to benefit from the revenue-driving force of significant global trends, especially shortages of food, increasingly stringent environmental regulations, demand for better-performing products, increasing demand for more convenient, healthier food and increased deep-drilling activities. By creating products that contribute to the world’s long-term sustainability, we believe that we continually enhance our positioning in markets with strong, long term growth potential.


Operations Worldwide: During the past several years, we have become an even more global company with manufacturing, logistics, sales and marketing facilities in all leading and fast-growing markets including China, India and South America, as well as North America and Europe.


Successful Acquisitions: Over the past two decades, we have made numerous successful acquisitions as  part of our strategy to grow our Specialty Solutions division.


Focus on Sustainability: We take our safety, product stewardship and environmental responsibilities seriously. We comply with required standards while striving to use best available technologies, and where possible, to go beyond compliance, in accordance with the standards of the chemical industry’s Responsible Care program. We are an industry leader in reporting and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, and are making major strides to carbon footprint our primary products and facilities. Our sixth annual Corporate Responsibility Report, published in August 2016, is compliant with the most advanced GRI-G4 standard. The report includes an expanded degree of external verification, describes how ICL’s activities contribute to each of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), and includes quantitative and qualitative sustainability goals as well as advanced digital features.


Consistent, High Dividend Return: We have a relatively high dividend yield (averaging 6.2%/year in 2011-2015).


Liquidity of Shares: Our shares are dual listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (NYSE and TASE: ICL) and have among the highest turnover on the TASE. 46.01% of our equity is held by Israel Corp., 13.82% by Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan and the remainder by the public.


Tax withholding on dividends paid on shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange
: For information regarding procedures that may enable non-Israeli shareholders who qualify for tax treaty benefits to get partial refunds of Israeli withholding tax, click here