Carbon Footprint

We continue to make progress in our intensive effort, initiated in 2008, to map the carbon footprint of our operations and our leading products. Our activities in this area began with a pilot project involving five of our primary products. The calculations are carried out according to the PAS 2050 standard and are supported and reviewed by SKM-Enviros, a London-based leading consultancy in the climate change management field. To date, ICL has calculated the carbon footprint of approximately 60 products and continues to add additional products to the program.

In Israel, we voluntarily report to the authorities the overall carbon footprint of our activities as part of our general carbon footprint reporting process. Our global emissions and climate change strategy is annually and voluntarily reported to the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project).

The ICL organization has already significantly reduced the greenhouse gases related to its activity (40% reduction in global emissions between 2008 and 2015) Our annual analysis of GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions and trends within our organization allows us to continue and identify the most cost-effective GHG reduction engines. In addition, we aim to add carbon footprint performance as a consideration in choosing suppliers of raw materials, identifying acquisition targets, etc.
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