Regulatory Affairs

We practice an uncompromising policy: full compliance with any relevant law, including among others statutes, regulations, treaties and standards.

As a chemical company, we are required to comply with regulations and laws that apply to the entire life cycle of our products. These include laws enacted to protect human health of employees and the public laws which regulate chemicals such as: classification, packaging and labeling, provision of health and safety information to users and employees in the form of a safety data sheets (SDS) or an equivalent document, registration of chemicals for sale in the relevant countries.

One of such regulations is REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals Regulation in Europe). Our companies are in full compliance with the regulation and have completed registration of 125 chemicals in the 2010 and 2013 deadlines. Our company also acted as a Lead Registrant and submitted as a Lead 31 substances.


We also ensure compliance to specific rules and regulations which apply to our line of business, directly or indirectly via our customers; for example regulations which relate to food and cosmetic ingredients, environmental impact (air, water and soil) and end-of-life recycling (such as electronic and electrical equipment and plastic).


We also operate a Center of Excellence for Regulation and Product Safety, a cross-company forum that reviews our compliance with regulations and laws and fosters best practices across our company.


Regulatory requirements have become increasingly strict throughout the world. We use the best and most economically viable technologies to comply with these requirements.