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ICL Expands Polysulphate Distribution Network with Long-Term Distribution Agreements

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ICL Potash & Magnesium

Improvement of processes and reduction of costs in the potash plants; Improvement of the quality of the products being sold; Research regarding environmental protection, including development of methods for treating and reducing effluents; Analysis of alternative methods for increasing the carnallite production capacity; Geological examination of our concessions in Spain in order to ascertain whether…
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Stage 2: Product Development

Research and development In 2015, we significantly expanded our research activities with third parties in our core areas: agriculture, food, and industrial materials. Also included in these activities are: establishment of an agronomical research collaboration between ICL group and the Volcani Center, whose activities are based in Gilat in the Southern part of Israel, and…
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Essential Minerals Division

This division includes the ICL Potash & Magnesium, ICL Specialty Fertilizers and ICL Phosphate business units. The division focuses on efficiency, process innovation and operational excellence. ICL Potash & Magnesium – ICL Potash & Magnesium extracts potash and salt from the Dead Sea, mines and produces potash and salt from subterranean mines in Spain and the UK,…
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Snapshot for Investors

Who we are ICL is a global specialty minerals and specialty chemicals company, with over 11,000 employees worldwide and approximately $5.3 billion revenues (2019), operating bromine, potash and phosphate mineral value chains in a unique, integrated business model. We extract raw materials from well-positioned mineral assets and utilize technology and industrial know-how to add value…
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Strategy & Company Structure

ICL’s Structure and Strategy In 2018 ICL launched its “Business Culture of Leadership” strategy, focused on enhancing market leadership across its three core mineral value chains of Bromine, Potash and Phosphate, as well as realizing the growth potential of Innovative Ag Solutions. To better align the organization with this strategy, ICL Realigned the company into…
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ICL’s history begins in the early 20th century with the first efforts to extract minerals from the Dead Sea in Israel’s South. After Israel’s independence in 1948, this activity continued with the establishment of Dead Sea Works Ltd., a state-owned company. During the early fifties several other government-owned companies were created to extract minerals from…
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