Sustainable Beesiness – ICL’s Model for a World on the Back of a Bee

We believe in a sustainable future and always consider environmental factors when engaging in operations, especially in ecologically sensitive areas. Biodiversity is one of the most critical ecological areas today and bees, in particular, are one of the most talked-of topics in this field. The bee ‘business’ is a prime example of how we are […]

Bromosol™: A Single Component for Effective Biofilm Treatment

Bromosol is an advanced single component biocide that helps protect cooling towers and industrial water systems from biofilm. Bromosol’s high performance and simple and convenient use promote cost-effectiveness while addressing numerous macro-level needs. One of the major challenges facing cooling towers and industrial water systems is surface waterbiofilm, which is generated due to the accumulation […]

What is Potash? – The Whole Story

Potash fertilizer

The first US numbered patent is set to play a major role in sustainable agriculture, world hunger alleviation, and global food security. The UN says that in 2021, there will be around 690 million hungry people on the planet which accounts for 9 percent of the world’s population.  Global food security is especially of concern […]

From Pipe Blockage to Paper Mill Biofilm Treatment: The Story of Bactebrom®

The story of Bactebrom began a little over 10 years ago when the ICL agriculture technical support team approached the ICL R&D staff with a problem that required a solution: biofilm removal. When fertilizers, such as urea, are added to the water of dripping irrigation systems, the water drippers are blocked by biofilm due to the improved […]

From Waste to Product – a Vision that Captivated the Dutch Government

Sharon Krumbein Rubin, Manager of New Stream & Products at Rotem, Israel, was chosen to participate in the Dutch government’s unique and high-profile circular economy promotion program. Sharon tells us about her team’s involvement in the groundbreaking project. As part of ICL’s focus on sustainable ecology and environmental projects in both production and operations, we’ve […]