Why Your Body Needs Magnesium

It balances all other minerals in your body, reduces the chance of stroke and prevents migraines — everything you need to know about this important mineral

The Next Energy Revolution

How can we benefit from the sun’s energy at night? Special batteries using bromine-based electrolytes developed by ICL allow the storage of solar energy economically and safely.

Timing is Everything

What the AgTech Industry can learn from Zoom, a Global Pandemic, and the U.S. Economy.

Drive into the Future

The cutting-edge autonomous trucks operating in ICL’s Ladenburg site in Germany transport materials without any need of human intervention and stir great interest in the industry.

Nancy’s Journey in Science

Nancy Stachiw, Director of Application Development and ICL Food Specialties in St. Louis, has been with ICL and predecessor companies through acquisition for 34 years. In this reflection on her career so far and women’s progress, she shares her love of science and her positive, grounded outlook. One of my early inspirations was the resiliency […]

Unstoppable Shira

Shira Sal Wobsht, Head of ICL’s Periclase factory at the South of Israel, describes her childhood ambition to work at ICL, how she sees her responsibilities in her leadership role, and how she’s perceived at work. Throughout my life and career, while pursuing my chemical engineering studies and while in business administration, as a process […]

The Wonder Magnesium Woman

Dr. Rinat Itach Katz, Head of the Physical Metallurgy Unit at ICL, describes her journey at ICL and her belief in working for a better future My parents taught me that nothing stands in the way of your will, and my life experiences have affirmed this. When we want something, if we persist and invest […]

Restoring Nature with Full Force

The Program for the Restoration of Excavated Sites — Ecological Rehabilitation of Mines promotes the ongoing restoration and rehabilitation of mining sites, in collaboration with landscape architects.

Playing with Science

A special project tries to introduce young children to science in fun ways at the earliest stages of their education.

Waving the Flag of Diversity in Brazil

Incorporating people with disabilities into the company is not an impossible mission, when the change goes hand in hand with everyone. “Dialogue is just a start, but we can already see our employees respecting differences, and raising questions” – Lorrany Candido, ICL HR Manager of South America, successfully summarizes the launch of the ICL Brazil […]

From Deep Underground to Mars

A unique collaboration with NASA at ICL England’s Boulby mine is promoting the research of Mars. In a special lab, one kilometre underground, tools are being developed to help explore the red planet in the future. Deep underground, somewhere in the north of England, ICL is leading an impressive project that can help researchers come […]

“The Difference Lies in How You Decide to Take on The Challenge”

Volahasina Rasendramalala, Global Sourcing Manager for Energy, never lets big changes discourage her. This is why she was fueled with passion while working with her team to transfer most European sites to 100% green electricity from renewable energy sources. Global Sourcing Manager for Energy Volahasina Rasendramalala, Vola for short, is used to big changes, as […]

A Natural move: Renewal green energy

This is how one company decided to take the bull by the horns with a series of moves to improve energy consumption and reduce environmental damage.

The Diversity of Nature

Wise use of the soil before and after mining, installing special “homes” for a rare species of bats, and planting fields of wildflowers — these are some of the ways to sustain the biological diversity at mining sites.

Polysulphate – Great News for Farmers

Potatoes are bigger and healthier, cherries look lovelier and are better-tasting. A line of studies celebrates polysulphate, mined from the depth of the earth in England.

Garden of Life

Four years ago, vegetables, herbs, and fruit trees started to bloom in unused urban spaces. Meet some of the green urban and community garden projects.

What Goes Around Comes Around

That’s how you play an active role in the global efforts towards a circular economy, by piloting products and methods in your own facilities – and turn an environmental challenge into a growth lever.

The Dark Matter Riddle: Scientists Hope for a Breakthrough

Over one kilometer under the North Sea in England, scientists in the ICL mine are trying to decipher one of creation’s biggest mysteries related to the most abundant matter in the universe. Will the ICL Polysulphate mine, over one kilometer deep under the North Sea in England, solve one of humanity’s creation riddles — identifying […]

Removing the Barrier of Shame

Many victims of sexual violence do not rush to seek help. The MASLAN organization, where ICL employees volunteer, tries to get to as many of these victims as possible and help them.

The Mission: Tanzania

Small farming and antiquated fertilization methods — Agriculture in Tanzania cannot support its citizens. That’s how you help to promote change.

Firefighting – The Lab Version

Flame retardants accompany us in everyday life – in everything from insulation and construction materials to electric appliances and transportation.

Innovation Starts from Within

ICL’s employees arrived at a conference at Microsoft whose goal was to encourage innovative thinking which will give birth to the next great idea from inside the company.

Watching a New Reality

The revolutionary use of augmented reality glasses in ICL’s operation sites provides the workers in the field with remote technical support and the correct and fastest way to fix malfunctions.

The Future Is Up In the Air

ICL’s new elite unit isn’t human — new drones used at company sites carry sensitive equipment, monitor all activities from above, and save human employees from the need to work in dangerous environments.

“Engineering is Fun”

Saskia Goole, ICL’s Site Manager in the Netherlands, is still searching for the highest mountain to climb and volunteers to promote science studies among women whenever she can. Saskia Goole, Chemical Engineer and Site Manager at ICL in the Netherlands remembers herself as always being interested in science and engineering. She was inspired by her […]

More Transparent, More Accessible

How does an industrial company contribute to the present and future of mankind? What is circular economy, and how sophisticated can fertilization get? ICL’s new corporate responsibility report gives interactive access to everything you ever wanted to know about all these questions and more. In an era where transparency has turned into a worldwide core […]

One step from World Hunger

One of the most important methods used in agriculture is fertilization, which enables larger produce of a higher quality. It helps feed a population that never stops multiplying.