Safety & Health

Industrial production and the chemical industry, in particular, require taking special precautionary measures to maintain a safe and healthy work environment. Some of ICLs’ products, raw materials and production processes represent a high risk to anyone who deviates from the required, professional safety standards or from the mandatory means of safety.

We have a goal of zero work accidents for our operations throughout the world. To ensure the safety of workers and others in its plants, ICL complies with strict occupational safety and health standards prescribed by local and international laws and standards. ICL invests extensive resources for training and mentoring, as well as other safety measures, in order to continually improve occupational safety and health and prevent accidents.Between 2012 and 2016, the company had reduced its overall employee (company + contractors) lost time work accidents by 55%.

To ensure a continuous focus on safety, each of our business segments implements a safety and health enforcement plan and regularly holds internal and external audits to ensure compliance with the law and internal regulations. To further heighten safety awareness, we operate a Center of Excellence for Safety, a cross-company forum that reviews our safety policies and fosters best practices across our company. Examples of our proactive safety programs include Safety by Routine, Behavior Based Safety and other measures and trainings to improve our performance.

ICL’s policy in the field of hygiene, occupational health and safety include, among others:

  • Creating a high level of safety and health awareness among our employees, service providers and visitors to our plants, as well as the Company’s suppliers, transporters, and customers.
  • Implementing advanced procedures for safety, maintaining accreditation, implementing processes for training and preventing accidents – including Iso-140001/RC14,0001 and OHSAS 18,0001.
  • Employee training at our training center to deepen the Company’s overall professionalism, knowledge and preparedness
  • Monitoring environmental health in work areas at all of our factories worldwide.
  • Assessing high health risks and preventing exposure of employees to dangerous products and processes at our plants.
  • Providing periodic medical examinations for employees, as well as occupational medicine and preventative medical services at our plants, in cooperation with hospitals and experts in the field.

See highly elaborated details in ICL 2016 CSR report (p.135-139).