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ICL is a leading manufacturer of products for ornamental horticulture. Our products combine the latest technology and leading R&D to create outstanding plant nutrition and protection solutions.

Our diverse product portfolio is trusted by professional growers around the world, and we continually improve formulas to achieve the best results for a wide range of products and needs.

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Ornamental horticulture

ICL’s ornamental horticulture products combine cutting-edge technology and leading R&D to create exceptional plant nutrition and protection products. Our diverse portfolio of products is trusted by professional growers worldwide.

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Nursery, perennials, pot, and bedding plants

ICL has been leading the way in horticulture for more than 50 years, our state-of-the-art fertilizers ensure your plants get precisely what they need to flourish and be profitable.

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Polysulphate – Great News for Farmers

Potatoes are bigger and healthier, cherries look lovelier and are better-tasting. A line of studies celebrates polysulphate, mined from the depth of the earth in England.