Industry 4.0

ICL’s Industry 4.0 Innovation & Operational Excellence team is connecting the digital and physical world to enhance performance, operations, and results using the latest cutting-edge technology.

This is how we do it:

Using AVs for operational routines

At ICL we use drones as an effective tool for inspection routines, emergency, and control assignments allowing for improved performance while saving time and money.

Along with the use of GPS, and with their remote-control abilities to communicate possible hazards, drones seize precise data which we use to optimize our operations and prevent malfunctions.

ICL has also developed cutting-edge autonomous trucks that are operating in the Ladenburg site in Germany, which transport materials without the need of any human intervention. This is a great example of an innovative solution for the company’s logistic and operational needs.  

VR & AR enable hands-free technology

Wearable technology such as VR and AR (virtual and augmented reality) are used to improve our ability to receive and access data, which enhances ICL’s operational, maintenance, and safety routines in a variety of fields.

Through the use of VR and AR ICL also increases engagement in employees and job training abilities, while creating a rich, immersive and interactive experience. Detailed analytics are generated to optimize hands-free performance, all while being tailored to the employee’s needs and adapting quickly to changes. This technology allows to accurately and easily operate and maintain production equipment while being supported, assisted, and supervised from afar by visual and auditory sensors.

Implementing AI, Machine Learning, and IoT

ICL is implementing machine learning models that use Big Data to optimize operational performance and predictive maintenance. The outcome is more efficient process control along with identifying and preventing errors in advance.

Using machine learning allows ICL to automate, predict the target function, analyze trends and patterns from historical data, optimize production process control, and operate the production lines more efficiently.

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