Our Environment

Our mission

At ICL we are committed to environmental compliance and strive to achieve the highest safety performance and environmental responsibility.

Our policy includes the commitment to responsible management and continuous improvement in all aspects of sustainability in our ongoing efforts to reduce environmental footprint throughout the entire lifecycle of our products. At ICL we continually invest in environmental protection and effects reduction, pollution prevention, while increasing efficiency of production facilities, and improving environmental procedures and measures.


We are dedicated to preserving natural and land resources, practicing advanced mine reclamation, and operating in total transparency. 

Air emissions

Since 2008, ICL’s air emissions
have been reduced by:

SOx Emissions
- 0 %
NOx Emissions
- 0 %
PM Emissions
- 0 %
Greenhouse Gas Emissions
- 0 %

Environmental performance

Raw materials extraction

ICL is a leading industrial company whose products are distributed and used worldwide. ICL mines most of its raw materials, and is unique in its material use efficiency.

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ICL’s environmental management system includes measures intended to conserve nature and protect biodiversity. 

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We strive to decrease our emissions and increasingly become energy efficient. We do so by using clean and renewable energy, highly efficient electricity production, and implementing multi-year energy efficiency programs.

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GHG and climate change

Responding to the reality of climate change, ICL takes extensive actions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

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Air quality

We strive to continuously improve our environmental footprint.  We are taking steps to reduce air emissions by implementing innovative emission prevention solutions, and by using cleaner fuels.

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We recognize water as a high-value natural resource and water conservation is a prominent element of our business culture.

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We are committed to the principles of a circular economy, by which we continuously strive to recycle and determine new methods to utilize the waste products of our manufacturing processes.

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Management approach

We ensure that the required procedures, controls, training programs, and resources are in place to achieve environmental excellence.  

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The Diversity of Nature
Case Study

The Diversity of Nature

Wise use of the soil before and after mining, installing special “homes” for a rare species of bats, and planting fields of wildflowers — these are some of the ways to sustain the biological diversity at mining sites.

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