The demand for fertilizers for high crop yield within the agriculture industry keeps growing, and farmers are constantly looking for new ways to ensure healthy produce by supplying the right balance of nutrients to their soil. ICL is developing new and sustainable technologies for advanced crop nutrition in order to create stronger and healthier agricultural and ornamental crops. ICL has developed a wide spectrum of specialty fertilizers that are personally tailored to different kinds of soils and applications.

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Any questions?

Contact us for more information about our variety of products


16 March 2023

eqo.s®: A Revolutionary Sustainable Turfgrass Solution by ICL

Greenkeepers and groundsmen play a critical role in maintaining healthy and vibrant turfgrass. Keeping turfgrass in condition to stand up to everyday life is no small feat. It’s challenging to meet the needs of the growing turfgrass, the environment, and the regulatory landscape. Turfgrass Read More >
eqo.s®: A Revolutionary Sustainable Turfgrass Solution by ICL


Polysulphate fertilizers

Polysulphate fertilizer is the greenest, multi-nutrient fertilizer in the world.  It contains four essential macronutrients: sulfur, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. It is fully soluble, with all nutrients available for plant uptake, while the prolonged nutrient release rate reduces the risk of sulfate losses through leaching. Unlike blended or compound fertilizers, Polysulphate fertilizer is available in its natural state. It is mined, crushed, screened, and bagged, involving no chemical separation or other industrial processes, making it the fertilizer with the lowest carbon footprint available globally.


PKpluS is our premium PK granulated fertilizer, strengthened with Polysulphate that provides your crop with phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, magnesium, and calcium – all in one single application. PKpluS nutrients are gently released over an extended period of time.


PotashpluS is a potash and sulfate specialty fertilizer that also contains essential magnesium, calcium, and boron. It supplies in a single application all potassium and sulfur requirements for prolonged availability all around the growing season in fields, orchards, and plantations.


Novaphos is a granular specialty fertilizer that supplies phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and micronutrients to the growing crop, and has been specially designed for acidic soils. It improves flower and seed production, stimulates root development, and promotes uniformity and earlier crop maturity. Novaphos can be tailor-made in a variety of grades, with additional magnesium or other micronutrients. The end result from this granular fertilizer is improved quality and yield.