Our R&D centers work together with our clients to develop and deliver complex novel solutions to meet every need.

With ICL’s vast engineering knowledge, experience, and ingenuity we are able to transform natural minerals into specialized compounds and innovative solutions which have a positive impact in many industries worldwide, while staying passionately committed to implementing a circular economy, ensuring environmental protection, and sustainability.

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Electronics and electricity

ICL manufactures sustainable electronic-grade materials with extremely rigid specifications for trace metals and particles as well as a line of fire safety products.

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Rubber and plastics

ICL is a leading supplier of a wide range of solutions for the rubber and plastic industries including fire safety and flame retardant solutions.

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Flame retardants

ICL offers a wide selection of flame retardant products, including brominated flame retardants and phosphorus-based flame retardants, as well as fire safety sustainable solutions for many industrial applications.

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Chemical manufacturing

ICL is a leading chemical manufacturer that transforms minerals into many compounds that serve a wide variety of industries.

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ICL creates thousands of chemical compounds for use in almost every known industrial application including bromine, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and sodium chloride.

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ICL is a global manufacturer of compounds and creates solutions used in the metal processing industry.

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ICL manufactures versatile pyro and polyphosphates including TKPP, SAPP, TSPP that are used in mining to improve the efficiency of copper ore recovery.

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Pulp and paper industry

ICL’s diverse phosphate range is used in pulp and paper processing and coating as a dispersant.

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Emissions control

ICL’s unique line of Merquel® bromine-based mercury sorbents is highly effective in controlling toxic emissions.

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ICL manufactures bromide-based inorganic intermediates that are used as the light-sensitive element in the preparation of photographic emulsions and developing solutions.

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ICL’s industrial-grade magnesium oxide is added to soda-lime glass in combination with alumina to increase glass durability.

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Cleaning agents

We offer a complete line of phosphate and phosphoric acid products for the formulation of a wide range of institutional, household, and industrial cleaning agents.

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