ICL is a global innovator in the field of energy.

We stay committed to making an impact through sustainable solutions for energy storage, renewable energy, oil and gas drilling, oil and fuel, and power plants.

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Energy storage

ICL, a leader in the field of energy storage, uses advanced materials including bromine, phosphates, and high purity phosphoric acid for the production of high-capacity, energy-efficient hybrid-flow batteries for electric vehicles, grid and off-grid, and renewable energy storage. Our bromine-based energy storage solutions provide superior performance, a cost-effective, long-life, and long-duration energy storage solution with no loss of storage capacity over their lifetime.

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Oil and gas drilling

ICL is a leading global producer of a range of chemicals including completion fluids, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, sodium, calcium bromides, and zinc bromide solutions and blends, these chemicals of various types are used in every stage of drilling, completion, and workovers in the oil and gas wells industry.

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Oil and fuel

ICL is the world’s largest bromine manufacturer and a major zinc bromide supplier for advanced use in the production of fuel cell and hybrid flow cell batteries.

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Power plants

ICL is a leading supplier promoting change to improve the sustainable operation of power plants. Our phosphate ester fluids are used in special hydraulic and lubricant applications.

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The Next Energy Revolution
Case Study

The Next Energy Revolution

How can we benefit from the sun’s energy at night? Special batteries using bromine-based electrolytes developed by ICL allow the storage of solar energy economically and safely.

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