Oral and Dental Care


​The science of oral and dental care materials has evolved into a highly technical industry where ICL leads the way in its comprehensive range of specialty phosphate-based materials, which in combination with calcium, sodium, or fluorine are actively absorbed into teeth and used in the formulation of oral and dental products for use in tooth whitening, anticaries, tartar control, abrasion, mouthwashes, rinses, and sensitivity reduction in pastes, powders, gels, and liquid products.

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Any questions?

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18 May 2022

What is Renewable Energy?

Energy is considered renewable when it is released from renewable resources– that is sources that can conceivably be replenished within a human lifespan. What is a Renewable Energy Source? An energy source that continually regenerates itself through natural means is considered renewable. Renewable energy Read More >
What is Renewable Energy?
2 May 2022

ICL’s TSP and SSP Phosphate Fertilizers and their Contribution to Farming

Triple Super Phosphate (TSP fertilizer) and Single Super Phosphate (SSP fertilizer) are two internationally important ICL fertilizers. Their effectiveness comes from their high-quality available phosphorus content and other key plant nutrients like calcium and sulfur. Why is phosphorus important for high crop yields? Phosphorus Read More >
ICL’s TSP and SSP Phosphate Fertilizers and their Contribution to Farming



ICL’s abrasive dentifrice solutions were developed to meet varying abrasive needs.

The abrasive component provides the polishing action of toothpaste. Abrasives include such materials as phosphates, hydrated silica, alumina, baking soda, and precipitated chalk.

Mouthwash and rinses

ICL has developed numerous solutions for multiple mouthwash and rinse functions.

These solutions provide a full line of phosphates used in mouthwashes and rinses with anti calculus effect, for sensitive teeth protection, and removal of surface stains.

Tartar control

Solutions for dentifrice tartar control formulations.

Tartar control agents help prevent the formation of tartar, a mixture of calcium phosphates on organic matrices, and the deposition of plaque on teeth to form tartar (calculus). Pyrophosphates are typically chosen as anti calculus agents in tartar-control toothpaste.

Whitening and sensitive teeth

Whitening agents help remove tooth surface stains either by physical interaction or by chemical interaction with the stain components. Tricalcium phosphate (TCP) is used in formulations for sensitive teeth. TCP acts by depositing extremely fine particles into the tubules of the teeth, partially filling them, and protecting the nerves.

Anticaries, whitening, tartar control, cleaning

Phosphates are used in a variety of dental applications. ICL produces a complete line of calcium phosphate products used in the dental industry as whitening agents that improve the whiteness and brightness of teeth by removing surface stains, combining therapeutic (anticaries), cosmetic (whitening, tartar control), and cleaning benefits.