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ICL is joining forces in the field of food technology innovation with entrepreneurs, multinational food companies, and Food Tech start-ups to deliver essential ingredients and crops that will transform the quality and quantity of the food we consume.

Unmet needs

We are looking for innovative Food Tech
solutions in the following fields:

Focus areas

The world of food is evolving rapidly. We are actively contributing to these exciting changes by continually developing innovative food technology to produce ingredients from a variety of food inputs, and make processed food that is healthier, tastes better, and is more affordable. Texture and mouthfeel are customized per region and customer, ensuring the perfect taste profile for the bakery, meat, poultry, seafood, dairy and beverages segments. In the realm of health benefits, we are working on improving cardiovascular health via sodium reduction and are using our established phosphate-based ingredients to increase protein intake in daily diets. We also provide an increasing range of clean-label ingredients.

We are looking for novel extraction technologies and natural ingredients, specifically: 

  • Ingredients leveraging the intrinsic properties of phosphates.
  • Synergistic co-ingredients and adjuvants for phosphates that improve taste, texture, and stability.
  • Texture agents that increase water binding in processed food and that increase succulence at different temperatures.
  • Natural preservatives and chelators.

Food technology is unlocking new pathways to keep up with the various trends driving the need for alternative sources of protein. We are faced with a growing number of mouths to feed, and the required solution needs to be a sustainable one. Many people are eliminating animal protein in an effort to live a healthier lifestyle and reduce their impact on the environment. Due to concerns about animal welfare, there is a rise in consumers seeking vegan “meat.” ICL is looking for novel Food technology approaches to develop and manufacture the most promising Food Tech solutions for meeting these needs.

We are focused on innovative Food technologies that improve texture and quality of alternative plant-based proteins, specifically: 

  •   Proteins with unique nutritional profiles.
  •   New and cheap sources of taste-neutral proteins.
  •   Proteins with a functional edge like improved gelling, binding, or foaming behaviors.

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