Our People

Our mission

ICL recognizes that our people are our biggest asset, therefore we have created a culture of integrity and purpose that unifies our employees around the world.

We strive to unite all of our employees towards the common goal of making a positive impact. We do so by promoting ethical business conduct and fair labor practices to supporting employee development and investment in the community. ICL provides the resources, infrastructure, and company values to allow each of our employees and managers to fulfill their potential and grow both personally and professionally. We constantly work towards improving our employer value proposition worldwide.


2019, ICL considers these achievements a result of its enhanced safety practices and proactive culture

Women serving as executive officers increased by

0 %

Overall employee turnover rate was

0 %

Safety accidents decreased by

0 %

Global IR rate reduced by

0 %

Employees’ absent days decreased by

0 %

How we care

Fair and responsible employment

ICL is committed to providing equal opportunities to its employees by treating employees fairly and creating an empathetic and compassionate workplace.

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Health and safety

ICL is continuously fostering a strong safety culture, we take responsibility for our employees, contractors, and business partners.

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Training and development

We have created various programs and mentorships to further develop and enhance the abilities of our employees.

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Diversity, inclusion, and belonging

At ICL we strive to continually promote equality, and we are committed to becoming a more inclusive and attentive organization.

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Employee welfare and wellbeing

At ICL we have various mechanisms to support the welfare and wellbeing of our employees.

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Case study

Restoring Nature with Full Force

The Program for the Restoration of Excavated Sites — Ecological Rehabilitation of Mines promotes the ongoing restoration and rehabilitation of mining sites, in collaboration with landscape architects.

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