Our Community

Our mission

ICL’s social engagement strategy is built on cooperation, meaningful partnerships, and shared values that shape and establish networks of social good within the communities we operate. By empowering entrepreneurship, innovation, excellence, and utilizing our products, resources, and expertise we build sustainable lasting partnerships.


Education is the primary means of enabling sustainable social change and economic development. We focus on the promotion of STEM education, educational excellence, innovation, and leadership.

Local Communities

We support our communities by empowering local entrepreneurs, innovators, and change agents to create a social network that can address the challenges and needs of our communities.

Advancing food security

ICL is committed to making an impact by educating people about the latest sustainable agricultural techniques, supporting small and local farmers, expanding the use of community gardens, and supporting local food banks.

Employee volunteering

Through volunteering, our employees foster their connection with local communities, by contributing they are making a significant impact on people’s lives, as well as boosting their sense of purpose. ICL continually makes an effort to offer new opportunities and support our volunteers, wherever they choose to make an impact.

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