ICL is a global manufacturer of thousands of chemical compounds for use in many industrial applications, using among others, bromine, potassium chloride, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and sodium chloride. We are constantly innovating and creating unparalleled products and solutions for the industrial markets that are more sustainable.

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Any questions?

Contact us for more information about our variety of products


3 November 2022

ICL: Celebrating 100 Years of History and Innovation

ICL: From Early Desert Pioneers to Global Innovation “If you will it, it is not a dream!” Theodor Herzl ICL Group Ltd. started life a century ago during the British Mandate. An early Zionist entrepreneur called Moshe Novomeysky saw an opportunity to mine potash Read More >
ICL: Celebrating 100 Years of History and Innovation
13 October 2022

What are Completion Fluids?

The oil and gas industries play a vital role in keeping the world’s economies running. The demand for energy continues to increase year after year, and still gas and oil are the primary sources of energy. Even though renewable energy sources are making inroads Read More >
What are Completion Fluids?
12 October 2022

Victoria Tosh of ICL Awarded Women of the Year

ICL is proud to announce that one of our employees, Victoria Tosh (Vic), has been chosen to attend the prestigious Women of the Year Lunch and Awards in London, England. This is a fantastic achievement as the awards “handpicks” women from all over the Read More >
Victoria Tosh of ICL Awarded Women of the Year
29 September 2022

ICL’s Employee Carbon Challenge

There is world consensus that greenhouse gasses and climate change continue to take an increasing toll on all earth’s ecosystems and we must act now.  United in Science, a multi-organization high-level compilation of the most recent science related to climate change, impacts, and responses Read More >
ICL’s Employee Carbon Challenge


Bromine-based inorganic intermediates

ICL is a global Bromine manufacturer and provider of high-quality Bromide-based inorganic intermediates that are used in many general industrial applications.


Directly from the Dead Sea, the world’s richest source of bromine, ICL offers the most stable supply of bromine-based microbial water treatment solutions. Our products are manufactured in ISO certified facilities under the highest quality and environmental standards. We offer the most extensive regulatory support to private labeling and sub-registration.

Catalyst (quaternary ammonium bromides)

Quaternary ammonium bromides are used in industrial processes as an organic base, deprotecting agents, phase transfer catalyst, surfactant, disinfectants, ionic liquids, ion-pair reagents, electrolytes, alkylating agents, and more. ICL is a global provider of organic intermediates based on bromine, for industrial use.

Potassium chloride

ICL is a leading manufacturer of technical grade potassium chloride.  Technical grades of potassium chloride have a wide range of industrial applications such as electroplating, galvanic and enameling of metals, dyeing, water softening, carrageenan seaweed production, and many more.  We offer three grades with differing levels of purity.

Alkylation agent

Many commodity chemicals are produced by alkylation such as fundamental benzene-based feedstocks, cumene, linear alkylbenzene sulfonates, and others. ICL’s intermediates are used in the synthesis of crop-protection products, pharma intermediates, fine chemicals and products for high-octane gasoline products. ICL is a global provider of organic intermediates based on bromine used for alkylation applications in several industrial processes.

Special cleaning solvents

Propyl bromide is used as an intermediate in organic synthesis and in the manufacture of cleaning solvents for precision cleaning, degreasing, and specialized cleaning applications.

Functional fluids

ICL’s Fyrquel® line of self-extinguishing phosphate ester fluids is used in hydraulic and lubricant applications where self-extinguishing-fire resistance properties are needed, such as in power plants and hot metal manufacturing. They are also used as additives in industrial and aviation fluids. ICL, as a leading supplier of phosphate ester fluids, is constantly designing more industrial sustainable solutions.

Conveyor belts

Halogenation of butyl rubber with bromine produces a rubber, which is particularly suitable for the manufacture of conveyor belts, due to its excellent low loss property, while also maintaining high strength and high flame retardance properties.

Tank linings

Halogenation of butyl rubber with bromine produces rubber that has low permeability to gases and liquids, resistance to chemicals, and withstands weathering, and ozone. Due to its beneficial properties, it is widely used on tank linings.