Electronics and Electricity


ICL manufactures sustainable electronic-grade materials with extremely rigid specifications for trace metals and particles as well as a line of fire safety products. Advances in the electronics technology market require raw materials that meet these high purity requirements. Electronic grade phosphoric acid is used extensively as an etching agent in semiconductor and electronics manufacture.

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Any questions?

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8 March 2021

Drive into the Future

The cutting-edge autonomous trucks operating in ICL’s Ladenburg site in Germany transport materials without any need of human intervention and stir great interest in the Read More >
Drive into the Future


Electronics- semiconductor flash memory

ICL’s PurEtch® delivers reliability and consistency in ultra-high-purity, semiconductor-grade phosphoric acid for the manufacturing of flash memory devices, and IC production. Our product far exceeds the standards for Grade 3 phosphoric acid. ICL is the only North American producer of ultra-high purity semiconductor grade phosphoric acid.

Electronics- flat panel display screens, mobile phones, televisions

Ultra-high-purity, semiconductor-grade phosphoric acid is provided by ICL’s PurEtch® for the manufacturing of flat panel display screens, mobile phones, and televisions. ICL, a world leading manufacturer of phosphoric acid and high purity magnesium oxide, is a major supplier of specialized compounds used in the electronics industry. High-purity magnesium oxide combines low reactivity, high quality, consistency, and fine particle size for use as a processing aid in the production of liquid crystal display (LCD) substrate found in smartphones, tablets, televisions, and computer monitors.

Flame retardants

Electrical and electronic equipment accidents cause almost 5 million fires in Europe and the US leaving tens of thousands of casualties and hundreds of thousands injured.

The use of fire-retardant substances can prevent fatal electrical fire accidents and reduce property and environmental damages. ICL’s cost-effective products provide a comprehensive and sustainable solution to the market’s needs.