Health & Personal Care

The health and personal care industry has experienced phenomenal growth coupled with heightened consumer awareness of ingredients, quality, safety, and environmental impact.

ICL has aligned with these principles and the trend of the informed consumer requiring products that treat body, mind, and spirit as a whole. To this end, we have heavily invested in R&D to develop and manufacture safe, high-purity, high-quality ingredients that comply with the exacting quality standards demanded by the industry and today’s consumers’ demands.

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ICL provides cosmetics formulators with a range of raw materials for use as anticaking agents in cosmetic powders and lipsticks, bromine-based intermediates for use as oxidizing agents in hairdressing products, and a range of specialized phosphates that contribute to adjustment, buffering, and stabilization of the pH.

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Oral and dental care

ICL leads the way in its comprehensive range of specialty phosphate-based materials which in combination with calcium, sodium, or fluorine are actively absorbed into teeth for re-mineralization whitening, stain removal, anti-caries, tartar control, abrasion, and sensitivity reduction in dental pastes, gels, mouthwashes, and rinses.

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Pharma and nutra

ICL’s highly specialized cGMP compliant facilities meet the exacting requirements of the global Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical industries and comply with international Pharmacopoeias, including the USP and EP, to produce a wide range of fine chemicals with high purity and efficacy standards that have FDA approval.

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Personal care industry

ICL is an international leader in the production of specialized ingredients for personal care products that allow the formulator the freedom to create exceptional products with enhanced skin and hair-friendly properties. The range includes among others, products for relaxing and therapeutic bathing experience, additives for delicate hair and skin, and antiperspirants and odor control agents.

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