AgTech is a rapidly evolving sector that aims to improve applications of technology to increase yield, growth, quality, and harvesting of crops. This is done using big data, smart sensors, interactive apps, high-tech and autonomous machines, and more. As a leading global manufacturer of solutions for agriculture, ICL has joined the revolution by bringing its proven agricultural industry know-how and advanced fertilizer solutions together with the latest cutting-edge technology to create sustainable agriculture products that support the agricultural ecosystem.

These solutions include E-learning tools, suggestion apps to improve crop growth, nutrient deficiency guides, online fertilizer recommendation tools, information platform for farmers and professional agronomists, and more. These tools encourage the sharing of knowledge, promote sustainable farming, and drive the agriculture industry into the 21st century.

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Any questions?

Contact us for more information about our variety of products.


8 March 2021

Drive into the Future

The cutting-edge autonomous trucks operating in ICL’s Ladenburg site in Germany transport materials without any need of human intervention and stir great interest in the Read More >
Drive into the Future



Growers is a software platform that connects farmers and their advisors to the rest of the agriculture ecosystem. ICL believes the ag community should be united and empowered by data. Growers developed agricultural software that is fast, easy-to-use and drives a sustainable, profitable future.


AgroPro is a new information site from ICL for farmers and professional agronomists. ICL created this international platform, to answer the agronomic communication challenge caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. AgroPro is based on the vast accumulated knowledge of ICL’s team of international agronomists and is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, and up-to-date source of fertilizer information and solutions, for nourishing and improving a wide variety of field crops. The platform is set up in several languages and its use is free of charge.


AgPulse is a data hub platform for Ag professionals based on academic and commercial knowledge. Using AI technology leverages the massive amount of data to provide optimization of operations to Ag-Professionals through actionable insights. AgPulse harnesses and utilizes the existing wealth of agronomic data through the best digital tools.

AngelaWeb 2.0

AngelaWeb 2.0 is an online fertilizer recommendation tool that is available to ICL advisors and their customers.  It helps farmers optimize crop quality and thereby increase their return on investment.  This platform contains over 900 individual recommendations, tailored to specific crops. AngelaWeb 2.0 takes into account the crop type, variety, growing media, and growth phase to display the specific nutritional demands.

Nutrient Deficiency Guide

The Nutrient Deficiency Guide is a useful application to assist in recognizing nutrition deficiencies in container nursery stock, and pot and bedding plants. The system allows you to browse deficiencies by crop, and by nutrient. It helps identify the deficiencies and suggests possible solutions. It is available in English, Dutch, French, German, and several other languages.

PeKacid advisor App

Water quality can affect foliar applications and reduce foliar product efficiency. The PeKacid Advisor helps you to quickly adjust the spraying water pH to the desired level by taking into account the initial water pH and its bicarbonate level. PeKacid Advisor is used in combination with ICL’s Nova PeKacid, a unique phosphoric acid in solid form, characterized by its high solubility. This combination gives you the safest way to adjust water pH to improve the efficiency of foliar applications.

Polysulphate E-learning tool

Polysulphate™ is a powerful, effective, and the greenest fertilizer in the world with proven benefits for a wide range of crops. We have developed an e-learning app, designed to provide a greater understanding of this natural fertilizer, and quick access to a range of information about Polysulphate. Our E-learning tool provides all the information you need to make the most of Polysulphate.