Controlled Release


With the rise in population and constant demand for more nutritional and healthy products, the agriculture industry is looking for solutions to optimize yield and quality of crops. Controlled Release Fertilizers (CRF) play a key role in improving yield, reducing nutrient losses, and simplifying fertilizer application, which in turn saves time and money. ICL is a leading supplier of Controlled Release Fertilizers, these products help optimize the nutrient levels through the entire plant’s growth cycle with a simple one-time application, thus achieving maximum results with minimal effort. These products integrate ICL’s leading technology, along with the ability to control nutritional programs that best fit your applications.

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Any questions?

Contact us for more information about our variety of products


24 October 2021

Bactesperse®: The Invention that Defeats Bacterial Colonies

Like all living creatures, bacteria strive for the best possible conditions for growth and reproduction. For industrial companies, uncontrolled growth of bacteria can easily lead to a catastrophe called biofilm. ICL has responded to this dangerous and destructive industry challenge by proposing an innovative Read More >
Bactesperse®: The Invention that Defeats Bacterial Colonies


E-Max controlled release technology

E-Max release technology is a polymer coating that improves nutrient use efficiency. The release of nutrients is based on temperature, offering predictable longevities.  ICL’s Controlled Release Fertilizers help to optimize the nutrient levels through the entire plant’s growth cycle. A one-time application of ICL‘s CRF delivers targeted plant nutrients that lead to uniform growth, optimum yield, and resistant plants. Other CRF benefits are the increment of nutrient efficiency, cost reduction, lower leaching which benefits the environment, and protection against “salt stress”.

Agroblen coated fertilizers

ICL’s Agroblen offers growers complete control over their nutritional plans, based on fully coated NPK coated fertilizers, used specifically for at planting of fruit and forestry plantations. Agroblen coated fertilizers are available in different longevities (2-3 up to 16-18 months), allowing growers to adjust the fertilization depending on the crop’s needs. This gives an ideal combination of efficiency and simplicity.


A combination of ICL’s advanced coating technologies and specially selected conventional granules, makes Agromaster a controlled-release fertilizer that masters even the hardest circumstances. Agromaster formulations are available for any crop and location and can be customized on the needs of the grower.
Whatever the weather, your crop or the condition of the soil, you have the nutrient supply under control. You can count on this easy-to-use fertilizer’s high yields and environmental compliance.

Agrocote Max

Agrocote products are single nutrient coated fertilizers based on one of the ICL’s coating technologies. These products provide up to 12 months of constant release of the nutrients and can be the CRF engine for any fertilizer blend to be made. Fully coated Agrocote products are often used to gain a high nutrient use efficiency and reduce the number of fertilizer applications.