We aim to offer farmers cutting-edge solutions. ICL is a leading sustainable fertilizers manufacturer and also produces advanced fertilizers which improve crop nutrition and help grow healthier and stronger crops and yields in a sustainable way.

Agriculture is an industry that impacts all humanity. The world population continues to increase, agricultural land area continues to decrease, and consumers are hungry for healthier and more sustainable products. The agriculture industry is looking for innovative solutions to face these challenges.

As a world’s leading fertilizers manufacturer, ICL provides farmers, growers, and manufacturers with a wide range of high-performance agriculture advanced solutions, including high-end specialty products for every need. Our products provide farmers with critical nutrients needed to increase yields and improve the health and quality of crops.

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Controlled release fertilizers

ICL is a leading Controlled Release Fertilizers supplier that plays a key role in improving yield, reducing nutrient losses, and simplifying fertilizer application, which in turn saves time and money.

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ICL develops new and sustainable technologies for advanced crop nutrition in order to create stronger and healthier agricultural and ornamental crops and turf. 

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Fertigation fertilizers

ICL is a leading fertigation fertilizers manufacturer. Our liquid fertigation fertilizers are used around the world for a range of crop applications such as greenhouses, through irrigation systems, and in open-field fertigation.

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Foliar fertilizers

ICL’s foliar fertilizer technology is a unique, dynamic, and effective method of crop nutrition. Our products are formulated for a wide range of crops, to deliver essential nutrients and minerals effectively and quickly.

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Granulated PK/NPK

ICL is a leading granulated fertilizers supplier that has widespread use in the agriculture industry with advantages such as slow controlled nutrient release, longevity, efficiency in heavy pre-plant applications, and cost.

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Essential agricultural products increase yield and ensure healthy produce by supplying crucial nutrients to a variety of crops and soils. ICL is a global manufacturer of a wide range of essential potash fertilizers, phosphate solutions, and organic intermediates based on bromine.

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Industrial Ag.

ICL is continually creating new innovative ways to ensure successful plant growth, secure profitable crop yield and storage, and pest control.

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One step from World Hunger

One of the most important methods used in agriculture is fertilization, which enables larger produce of a higher quality. It helps feed a population that never stops multiplying.

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