Fertigation Fertilizers


ICL sets the standard when it comes to water-soluble and liquid fertigation fertilizers. Fertigation is a technique by which liquids or water soluble fertilizers are incorporated within the irrigation water. In such way the fertilizers are distributed evenly in irrigation and thus increase efficiency and availability of nutrients. Fertilizers applied in such way enable precise nutrition to be applied according to the soil fertility status and growth stage of any crop.

ICL is a leading manufacturer and distributor of water soluble and liquid fertilizers. Our entire range of water soluble and liquid fertilizers is developed for specific applications and created from the purest ingredients. Our water-soluble fertilizers are premium solutions for a wide variety of crops such as fruit trees, vegetables, and other cash crops. Our liquid fertilizers are used for a range of crop applications and can be tailor made per the need of the grower.

Our leading fertigation fertilizers brands include Agrolution, Solinure, NovaNPK, Novacid, Fertiflow.
We offer a range of liquid and water soluble fertilizers that can be used and applied via foliar spray. Our leading brands for foliar application are Nutrivant, Agroleaf Power and Agroleaf liquid.

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Any questions?

Contact us for more information about our variety of products


18 May 2022

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2 May 2022

ICL’s TSP and SSP Phosphate Fertilizers and their Contribution to Farming

Triple Super Phosphate (TSP fertilizer) and Single Super Phosphate (SSP fertilizer) are two internationally important ICL fertilizers. Their effectiveness comes from their high-quality available phosphorus content and other key plant nutrients like calcium and sulfur. Why is phosphorus important for high crop yields? Phosphorus Read More >
ICL’s TSP and SSP Phosphate Fertilizers and their Contribution to Farming



Agrolution Special range of water-soluble fertilizers is made with the purest ingredients and chelated trace elements. It provides all in one solution for the crop including formulations with Calcium and/or Magnesium. Agrolution Special prevents deposit buildups and blockages in irrigation systems due to its high purity and solubility.  

Agrolution pHLow

Agrolution pHLow products help grow better fruits and vegetables in hard water conditions. Its acidic nature allows all the nutritional elements to dissolve more efficiently, and increases nutrient availability. Agrolution pHLow provides a valuable tool for achieving high-quality crops.


Solinure are water-soluble fertilizers specially made for fruit and vegetable crops for either field or greenhouse environments. Solinure is the perfect choice for an easy way to use WSF NPK.


MicroMax WS is a range of premium water-soluble fertilizers that are used in agriculture and horticulture to prevent and control nutrient deficiencies. It can be applied by fertigation or by foliar spray.  MicroMax can be used in a wide variety of crops, such as cereals, vegetables, flowers, and fruit trees.


ICL’s Nova line of water-soluble single fertilizers is specially selected and produced for professional growers. All single water-soluble fertilizers are derived from an unrivaled quality source.