Energy Storage


Global renewable energy has continued in an upward growth trajectory over the last 20 years and is expected to represent 60% of the energy market by 2050. ICL uses advanced materials in an innovative way including bromine, phosphates, and high purity phosphoric acid in the energy storage industry. Our products enable renewable energy storage and energy storage for industrial and household usage as well as improved batteries for EVs. Our R&D invests in developing additional energy storage solutions based on various minerals in order to constantly improve available solutions that include higher capacity, longer life, smaller size, and weight.

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Any questions?

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8 March 2021

Drive into the Future

The cutting-edge autonomous trucks operating in ICL’s Ladenburg site in Germany transport materials without any need of human intervention and stir great interest in the Read More >
Drive into the Future



ICL provides tailor-made electrolyte blends according to specific customer requirements for the manufacture of flow batteries. A flow battery is an electrical storage device that is a cross between a conventional battery and a fuel cell. These types of batteries have multiple benefits such as being nonexplosive, safe to use,  lower cost, and are suitable for long-duration storage. 

Bromine Complexing Agents (BCA)

Bromine is an excellent electroactive compound, capable of fast and reversible kinetics. However, working with Bromine presents various challenges that can be controlled by the addition of a BCA to the electrolyte blend. ICL has developed a family of new effective BCAs compatible with various bromide-based chemistries, and applications and ICL offers custom-made BCAs.

Bromine based flow batteries

Bromine-based flow batteries provide superior performance, a cost-effective, long-life, and long-duration energy storage solution with no loss of storage capacity over their lifetime.


ICL is a leading acid and specialty phosphate salts manufacturer used as an alternative solution in the production of new high-performance battery systems. Our broad phosphate manufacturing capabilities offer diverse options for producing specialty phosphate salts. At ICL we are ready to work closely with our partners to develop the best specialty phosphate products tailored to meet every need.