Specialty Minerals for Personal Care


ICL is an international leader in the production of specialty minerals for personal care products that allow the formulator the freedom to create exceptional products with enhanced skin and hair-friendly properties.

Our range of products includes among others, our unique natural minerals derived from the Dead Sea which provide natural, healthy and sustainable products.

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Any questions?

Contact us for more information about our variety of products


23 January 2023

A Healthier Route for Citrus Fruit: Introducing FruitMag™

A majority of today’s citrus fruits are treated with chemical products that prolong shelf life and cover peels with fungicide residue. Yet an innovative product developed by ICL is paving the way for a better future. It’s time to start extending citrus fruit shelf Read More >
A Healthier Route for Citrus Fruit: Introducing FruitMag™
17 January 2023

Top Energy Trends to Watch Closely in 2023

One of the major issues dominating political debate and government policymaking is the need to develop sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels to meet global warming challenges. Oil and natural gas production and supply problems, fracking, the current inadequacies of wind and tidal power, and Read More >
Top Energy Trends to Watch Closely in 2023
4 January 2023

ICL’s Energy Storage Solutions Unit

Western economies may be on the threshold of a transitional shift towards exclusive reliance on sustainable energy sources. If this occurs – as many observers believe it must – it’s likely that it will eventually become a new global norm. In an era of Read More >
ICL’s Energy Storage Solutions Unit


CareMag® D

CareMag® D is a magnesium-based odor control agent which allows formulated effective deodorant without using aluminum salts and antimicrobial agents. The compound showed long-lasting efficacy along with hypoallergenic and free of skin-sensitizing effects CareMag® D is COSMOS approved and has not been tested on animals.

CareMag® B

CareMag® B is an alternative for ZnO in anti-rash baby creams. Due to its source (the Dead Sea) CareMag® B has superior high purity. The product was tested for safety and efficacy and gained good results, even compared to leading anti-rash creams. The effect was immediate, resulting in faster return to healthy skin appearance. In addition, CareMag® B has improved sensorial feeling along with lower cloths staining. The material is also COSMOS approved.

CareMag® M

CareMag M is aimed for the cosmetic natural based face masks. The use of CareMag M in face mask formulation, forms silky, relaxed, refreshed and clean skin with improved sensorial touch. The formed formulation is white, with no addition of pigment, easily applied and easily removed. In addition, CareMag M, due to it’s unique physical properties, allows higher loading in the formulation hence improved cleaning efficacy. CareMag M is COSMOS approved and haven’t tested on animals.


Bath salts

Dead Sea bath salts offer the experience of taking into one’s own bathtub the rejuvenating and relaxing value of the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea Bath Salts are also used as a component in a wide range of cosmetic preparations.

Potassium chloride

Potassium chloride has many applications in the personal care industry, it may be used for manufacturing soaps, cleansing products, bath products, skincare products, makeup, and other personal and hair care products.


ICL’s basic magnesium carbonate is used in the production of shampoos for contact with delicate skin, especially for babies.