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Our mission

At ICL, we create impactful solutions while promoting sustainability at every stage of our products’ life cycle.

We are constantly committed to reducing our carbon footprint, contributing to global food security with advanced sustainable agricultural solutions, developing products for renewable energy storage, and implementing various circular economy solutions. These advancements are achieved with the passion, commitment, and technological ingenuity of our employees and R&D teams, along with the assistance of cutting edge technologies that improve operational performance.

Air emissions

Since 2008, ICL’s air emissions
have been reduced by:

SOx Emissions
- 0 %
NOx Emissions
- 0 %
PM Emissions
- 0 %
Greenhouse Gas Emissions
- 0 %

Our commitment to sustainability

We aim to help build a better world by developing
sustainable solutions for humanity's greatest challenges.

Sustainable solutions

Advancing food security

ICL is dedicated to improving food security and is an essential part of the global food supply chain.

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Industrial applications

ICL’s industrial know-how and its access to mineral resources serve a range of industries as well as new and developing sectors, such as energy storage, and urban mining.

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Circular economy

ICL is continually developing innovative ways to recycle its own by-products into resourceful products.

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Product stewardship and lifecycle

ICL’s product stewardship policy for our customers includes relevant guidelines and training that encourage safe, efficient, and sustainable use of our products in daily life.

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