Flame Retardants


ICL is a leading supplier of brominated, phosphorous, and inorganic flame retardants used in life-saving applications and continues to make significant breakthroughs in the FR marketplace by expanding its new generation of flame retardants. ICL is continuously developing safe, cost-efficient, and sustainable flame retardants including innovative and environmentally friendly polymeric and reactive products used in electronics, electrical devices, passenger vehicles, fabrics, textiles, paints, ceramics, foams, lagging, upholstery, mattresses, carpets, curtains, blinds, and many other applications. Our innovative polymeric backbone-based products provide superior fire safety benefits without potential environmental drawbacks.

As the largest global brominated flame retardants (BFR) producers, ICL’s products show excellent stability in thermal processes and end-uses, even under harsh conditions. Flame retarded polymers with brominated flame retardants are readily recyclable, meet the requirements of circular economy and exhibit low carbon footprint, thanks to efficient energetic processes and access to highly concentrated brine. Our vast range of flame retardants combined with ongoing R&D ensures the availability of a suitable flame retardant for any application you may think of.

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Any questions?

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Industrial and Consumers’ sectors

Automotive and transportation

ICL offers more than fifty different flame retardant solutions for various applications in both the automotive and transportation industries, addressing the growing need for more fire safety. Focusing on Electrical and New Energy Vehicles, we offer solutions to highly demanding applications such as powertrains, charging stations, battery casings and covers, wires, cables, connectors, and relays, In mass transportation, our flame retardants find use principally in the cabin compartment in ceilings, walls, seats, trays, and other structures in rolling-stock and the aircraft industry.

Electronics and electricity

ICL manufactures a wide range of flame retardants for Electrical and Electronic (E&E) applications, preventing fatal electrical fire accidents and damage to property or the environment. Our flame retardants also meet or exceed the industry’s most stringent environmental guidelines and are used in circuits, insulation, casings, housings, and cables among others. Typical applications include TVs, computers, servers, white goods, printed circuit boards, connectors, relays and more. Brominated flame retardants provide the best technical solution for meeting fire safety standards.

Building and construction

ICL is a leading producer of flame retardants widely used for building and construction materials. Our flame retardants are used to raise the threshold temperature at which a material ignites, reduce the rate at which materials burn, and minimize the spread of flames. Apart from electrical devices, structural elements including concrete, wood, plaster, and steel structures are coated with special paints and sealants that contain fire retardants which form a thick, insulating, and non-flammable foam that protects the structural integrity of a building in case of a fire by preventing heating-up.


ICL is a renowned flame retardants manufacturer for the textile industry. Being made of polyesters, polyamides cotton, or their blends, textiles are extremely flammable, and thus require effective solutions, especially in industrial and protective clothing, such as laboratory, military, and fire-fighting PPE (personal protective equipment). ICL continues to develop innovative and sustainable flame retardant solutions for the textile industry.

Adhesives and coatings

ICL offers a range of tailor-made flame retardant solutions to address the ever-increasing fire safety requirements for adhesives, paints, and coatings. ICL flame retardant coatings exhibit efficient ways to protect flammable organic materials against fire. These products may be mixed with the base materials (additive flame retardants) or chemically bonded (reactive flame retardants). These flaming retardant coatings can be applied to a variety of materials including timber, metals, wood, and others, for construction, furnishings, and decorative purposes.

Other industrial uses

ICL offers a wide selection of flame retardant products, including brominated,  phosphorus-based and inorganic solutions for many industrial applications.

These include textile back coating, padding, covers, emulsions, lacquers, paints, paper, wood, enclosures, appliances, connectors, relays, printed circuit boards, wire and cables, gaskets, hoses, parts, thermal insulation, structural foams, panels, pipes, conduits, plenums and more.