Beyond Fertilizers


ICL has developed a line of specialty products that address some of the biggest challenges in agriculture. Specialty fertilizers and bio solutions have become an important part of the Ag input. Our specialty products have been designed to maximize resource efficiency such as water and fertilizer usage while improving agricultural techniques.

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Any questions?

Contact us for more information about our variety of products


8 March 2021

Drive into the Future

The cutting-edge autonomous trucks operating in ICL’s Ladenburg site in Germany transport materials without any need of human intervention and stir great interest in the Read More >
Drive into the Future



H2Flo is a wetting and water conservation agent allowing both vertical and horizontal movement of water into soil profile. H2Flo leads the way in water conservation allowing growers and farmers to optimize water usage. 


NupHix is a water conditioner with a pH color indicator that adjusts spray tank waters to an optimum pH level of 4.0 – 5.0; it contains chemical water conditioners that dissolve the carbonates in the spray solution to reduce their ability to react with pesticides or foliar feeds. NupHix reduces the negative impact of hard water on spray treatments, treats water with high salinity, and is especially useful for herbicide, fungicide, or foliar feed treatments in areas with hard water.


pHixer is an advanced cost-effective, safe, and easy to use, water conditioner, formulated to ensure ideal pH for spraying application. It contains a color-changing indicator that shows when the desired pH has been reached. pHixer also prevents calcium and magnesium ions to form complexes that may precipitate, buffering the spraying water to an optimum pH level.


ICL’s Vitalnova line of products are stimulants that invigorate soil activity, resulting in better availability of nutritional elements for the plant. This helps the turf to recover from stress, rapidly and boosts root growth. Stress can be caused by heat, drought, disease, or limiting the nutrient uptake from the roots.