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ICL is continually creating new innovative ways to ensure successful plant growth, secure profitable crop yield and storage, and pest control. We are a leading manufacturer of specialized compounds that enable the production of tailor-made agricultural solutions to meet any need.

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Any questions?

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24 October 2021

Bactesperse®: The Invention that Defeats Bacterial Colonies

Like all living creatures, bacteria strive for the best possible conditions for growth and reproduction. For industrial companies, uncontrolled growth of bacteria can easily lead to a catastrophe called biofilm. ICL has responded to this dangerous and destructive industry challenge by proposing an innovative Read More >
Bactesperse®: The Invention that Defeats Bacterial Colonies



ICL’s new compound fertilizer Nitrogen-Phosphate with Sulfur (NPS) provides balanced, precision nutrition for a wide range of crops. Our NPS is an excellent starter fertilizer for maize and other field crops. It provides a low dose of nitrogen that perfectly supplements the nitrogen fixation in leguminous crops by the action of rhizobia at the roots.

Formulation of granular and liquid fertilizers

ICL technical phosphates are used extensively in consumer and greenhouse specialty fertilizers. Potassium phosphates allow the formulation of granular and liquid fertilizers. These phosphates dissolve readily in water and provide both phosphorus and potassium nutrient values.

Bromine based organic intermediates

ICL is a global provider of organic intermediates based on bromine.  The bromine organic intermediates (BOI) fine chemicals serve for the manufacture of pesticides in agriculture which are used for pest control on surface vegetation such as leaves and fruits, soil fumigation, and crop storage.

Phosphorus based inorganic intermediates

Phosphorus is an essential element for plant growth and to maintain profitable crops. Since all plants require a sufficient supply of phosphorus to ensure successful growth and secure crop yield it is a crucial component for food production. ICL is a global yellow phosphorus intermediates supplier for the agrochemical industry.

Soil and space fumigation

ICL Industrial Ag. supplies methyl bromide for space and soil treatment for the purpose of fumigation. In keeping with the Montreal Protocol, we are committed to the cautious use of methyl bromide while supporting the gradual reduction of its use in soil treatment, and providing high-quality material for its use in quarantine pre-shipment (QPS) application. We continually assist modern agriculture to achieve higher yields through more efficient utilization of natural resources.