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July 20, 2021 | 4 min read

No to Body Odor – The New and Innovative Award-winning Magnesium-Based Molecule for Preventing BO


Perspiration is a natural bodily process that serves as the body’s cooling mechanism, however, bacteria that clings on to our body causes quite an unpleasant smell. A recent breakthrough by ICL’s scientists of engineered materials have has developed a new and innovative magnesium-based molecule that replaces the aluminum used in current antiperspirants and deodorants available on the market. 

This new molecule is first and foremost, a more environmentally friendly solution (compared to aluminum salt), it is also healthier for the human body. Furthermore, using more natural-based ingredients correspond with both ICL’s vision, for more sustainable and ecological products, and also answers our much-desired need as a society to think greener. This new technological advancement has made possible the discovery of a natural-based, eco-friendlysolution that does not disrupt the natural processes of the body. 

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An Award-Winning Friendly Molecule

Meet CareMag® D, an eco-friendly molecule which has been awarded the bronze prize in the innovation zone during “InCosmetic 2019“, Paris, and received COSMOS approval and has been patented. It prevents odor production by controlling bacteria growth on the skin, without blocking the sweat glands and disrupting the natural cooling mechanism of the body. In addition, it traps in a certain amount of sweat and sebum, leaving the skin dry and smooth. 

CareMag® D raw material is sourced from the Dead Sea, renowned for having the purest minerals on the planet. Its ability to control the growth of bacteria offers a long-lasting reduction in body odor. CareMag® D ushers in a new era of natural-based products in deodorants. It eliminates the use of aluminum salts and antimicrobial agents, which are used in the Antiperspirant and Deodorant (APD) market. Because the component does not penetrate the skin, it is beneficial for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, and suitable for children. Magnesium based deodorants are healthier and have become a common alternative to aluminum in deodorants, preferred by consumers.

Market Acceptance

CareMag® D based deodorant was tested in several sniffing tests and showed a decrease of more than 40% in malodor and the feedback received from 90% of customers was that a formulation based on CareMag® D is “better or equivalent to their standard deodorant”. 84% of the subjects reported the product provides them with ongoing protection against perspiration odor.

For its friendly nature and efficient performance, this young molecule has been recognized and incorporated by leading APD companies worldwide, promoting the use of aluminum free deodorants.

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