ICL Innovation

Open Innovation at ICL

In 2013 we launched an Open Innovation program to accelerate our development of sustainable new products and processes, as well as to provide solutions for major global challenges.

We created the program to benefit from the full range of knowledge, creativity and initiative available throughout the world in our efforts to develop innovative products and processes. Our Open Innovation program will help to assure our standing as a leading industrial company dedicated to addressing the challenges created by the growing global population and increased environmental awareness. By embracing the Open Innovation approach, we intend to bring the best of the world’s innovation into the Company, from wherever it originates, and to harness the power of collaboration with scientists/entrepreneurs worldwide to accelerate our growth.

The ICL Innovation team will select a number of product ideas and projects annually from a range of sources, including academic institutions, research institutes, technology cooperatives, incubators and venture capital funds.

Each project will be analyzed from the standpoint of technology, business model and environmental responsibility, as well as rated in terms of its contribution to world needs in the areas of food, agro and engineered materials – ICL’s primary markets. Projects selected will be “adopted” by an ICL segment which will provide support and supervision. Upon successful commercialization, an ICL segment will market the product and/or incorporate the process into its operations.

Our Open Innovation “Accelerator” augments our strong R&D organization which includes approximately 500 employees that work at IMI/TAMI (ICL’s central institute for R&D located in Haifa, Israel), and at our other R&D facilities located in Germany, Holland, the U.S. and elsewhere in Israel.

For more information, visit www.icl-innovation.com or IMI/TAMI’s website at www.tami-imi.com