Engineered Materials

 Our formulations are used in thousands of products to make them safer, more durable and longer-lasting – in a word, “better”.


We are a global leader in industrial additives and materials, including a broad range of flame retardants, phosphate salts and specialty phosphate blends, purified phosphoric acid and electronic-grade specialty phosphoric acids. We are also a leading provider of magnesium and magnesium alloys for the automobile industry. Our strong technical support teams work closely with customers across the globe to provide customized formulations for high-performance applications.


Flame Retardants (FRs)

Our bromine-based FRs are used to prevent fire in computers, cellphones and other electronic products. Our organo-phosphorus FRs are essential components of furniture and building materials. We are one of the market’s leading providers of brominated FRs, and the leading player in the phosphorus FR market.

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Phosphates in Industrial Markets

We are a leading provider of phosphate and non-phosphate based specialty products used in the paint and coating industry. These additives improve corrosion resistance, fire protection, emulsion and dispersion in our customer’s formulations.


Magnesia Products

We produce a wide range of magnesia specialty products (magnesium oxide, hydroxide and basic carbonate) of exceptionally high purity. These materials find application in a wide variety of products such as transformer steel, rubber, plastic, adhesives, engine oil additives, pharmaceuticals, and mineral supplements for nutraceuticals, food and cosmetics.


Phosphates and Phosphoric Acid Compounds

We are a leading global manufacturer of ultra-high purity phosphoric acids for the semiconductor and flat panel industries.


Phosphorus Pentasulfide (P2S5)

We are a major manufacturer and marketer of P2S5, a phosphorus-based specialty chemical used in the manufacture of lubrication oil additives, pesticides, mining chemicals and other products.


Wildfire Safety Products

We are a leading supplier of wildfire fighting chemicals and services with production sites in USA, Canada, France and Germany.  Our Phos-Chek® fire retardants are deployed from aircraft and ground vehicles to help control the spread of wild fires.



Beginning with bromine extracted from its vast reserves in Dead Sea brines, ICL-IP produces a wide range of bromine-based products; ranging from flame retardants and drilling fluids to biocides.

Elemental Bromine is sold and transported to external customers worldwide in designed for purpose and dedicated isotanks.  ICL-IP has the largest transportation fleet in the industry ensuring the capability to supply worldwide.  Elemental Bromine is used worldwide in the rubber industry as well as a reagent in the pharma and agro industries.  It is also used globally to produce a number of Brominated compounds.



Our biocides are essential inputs for a various of application, including the production of oil &gas(including gas fracturing)


Phosphorus Inorganic Products

We are an important manufacturer and supplier of phosphorus inorganic products (phosphorus trichloride, phosphorus oxychloride, phosphorous acid) used in the manufacture of flame retardants, flame retardant plasticizers and agrochemical products


Products for the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry

We are the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of bromine-based drilling and completion fluids. In addition, our biocides are important in the fields of deepwater drilling and “fracking” (hydraulic fracturing) operations.


Merquel® for Mercury Emissions Control

Use of our bromine-based Merquel® helps reduce the mercury emissions from coal-firedpower plants.


Functional Fluids

Our self-extinguishing phosphate ester fluids are used in special hydraulic and lubricant applications dictated by fire risk considerations, often in power plants and hot metal manufacturing. Our phosphate esters are also used as functional additives in industrial and aviation fluids. We are the leading supplier promoting change to more sustainable design modern phosphate ester fluids.