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Women of ICL Making an Impact – Rescue Efforts in Turkey


This year’s International Women’s Day was celebrated in the aftermath of the disastrous Turkey earthquake that has claimed over 30,000 lives. ICL was quick to respond to the tragedy, dispatching a delegation of volunteers to assist with the international rescue efforts.  ICL’s Operational Excellence Manager Sivan Moyal was part of the team that helped to pull casualties from the ruins and distribute emergency aid.

We asked Sivan about her experiences in Turkey and about her work as an Operational Excellence Leader at ICL. She provided us with some interesting insights into her career and her thoughts on how women can succeed in the workplace. 

Hi Sivan, can you tell us about your experience being part of the rescue delegation during the Turkey earthquake? 

Yes,  We left for Turkey as a delegation of 21 members in total. We got off the flight, changed into work clothes, and drove for hours. We arrived at the first destruction site at 03:00, and discovered that there was a woman alive under the ruins. It is impossible to describe the excitement and adrenaline that drove us.  After 14 hours of arduous rescue work, freezing cold, lack of sleep, and hunger, we rescued Aisha, who had been lying under the rubble for 24 hours. 

On the third day, ICL sent a huge supply of baby food, warm clothes, blankets, food, and treats for survivors in the refugee camps. We did our best to ensure that all the equipment was delivered to those who needed it. It was a challenging week, mentally and physically, But it was more than worth it and a true honor to help the people of Turkey with this amazing team. 

As a woman, what challenges did you face during the rescue mission? 

I didn’t face any particular challenges as a woman. It was a team effort and everybody contributed according to their individual strengths and abilities. 

What role do you think women can play in disaster relief efforts? 

A woman can perform any role! There were 5 strong women in the delegation and we did everything. In some cases, women’s body structure allows them to enter places in the ruins that many men cannot. 

As a successful woman in operations excellence, what advice do you have for other women who aspire to leadership positions? 

A woman who wants to develop and advance in the workplace should have plenty of initiative and get a bird’s eye view of the organization. She has to study all the time. 

My advice to women is to always be true to yourself and your path. Be yourself and filter out background noises and as I always tell my children: confidently, confidently, confidently.

How do you balance your personal and professional life, and what advice do you have for other women who are struggling to find that balance? 

My main tip is that you should organize the week in a very structured and careful way between family and work requirements with an emphasis on excellence and performance and results. Being focused, and very goal-oriented is the secret to women’s career success.

Life is not black and white and you can manage a career alongside a family. My message is to continue and not give up on the issue of work. Invest, help those who need it, and raise a family because that is the basis of everything. 

What motivates you to continue working in operations excellence, and what do you see as the most important qualities for success in this field? 

What motivates me mainly is the ability to lead a change in the thinking of employees and managers. I think the secret to success in this position is listening ability, patience, and love for people. It is important to remember that change does not happen in a day but it happens every day. 

In honor of International Women’s Day, can you share with us a female role model who has inspired you and how they have impacted your career and personal life? 

Every successful and self-confident woman is an inspiration to me 

How do you think your experiences as a woman have shaped your leadership style, and what unique perspectives do you bring to your work? 

I systematically gained experience and developed from position to position. I always aspired to advance and know more. I invested and studied day and night, without compromise, I wanted to prove that I was capable, initially to myself and then to the world. I enjoy challenges and am driven by them. I was always looking for the next challenge and was optimistic that I would achieve it. There were no gifts and shortcuts, just investment, perseverance, and the belief that I will succeed.

What is one accomplishment in your career that you are most proud of, and why? 

It’s hard for me to choose one project because we at operational excellence lead small and big changes every day. I am very proud of the rescue unit and it is a great honor for me to be part of it. 

ICL is determined to reach out and make the world a better place, whether it’s through the implementation of sustainable business practices, local community initiatives, or our recent contribution to the rescue mission in Turkey. Women like Sivan Moyal have a valuable role to play – and are leading the way –  in ICL’s commitment to be a force for good. 

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