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August 17, 2022 | 7 min read

Natural-Based and Aluminum-Free: Taking Malodor Reduction to the Next Level


The aluminum-free deodorant market share is growing at a steady pace. CareMag® D is ICL’s revolutionary natural-based response to this important market trend. It’s the solution forward-thinking deodorant manufacturers have been waiting for. 

One of the fastest growing trends in the beauty and personal care industry is the transition to natural-based ingredients. More and more consumers actively examine the ingredients found in their personal care products – and perceive brands that replace synthetic materials with natural-based ingredients as more attuned to their health concerns and dynamic personal needs.

The natural-based ingredient trend is transforming many product markets, and the antiperspirant & deodorant (APD) market is one example. Traditionally, deodorants include aluminum salts as active materials that repress sweat and odor. Yet in recent years, advanced technology has enabled many personal care brands to manufacture aluminum-free deodorants, which contain natural-based ingredients that reduce armpit sweat and malodor. 

Aluminum-based deodorants are the market standard, yet the number of global consumers who are switching to aluminum-free deodorants – primarily due to perceptions regarding their personal health – is on the constant rise. According to a report published by Future Market Insights, the aluminum-free deodorant market is projected to continue growing at a CAGR of 9.9% from 2022 to 2029 – and its market size is expected to balloon from 1.5$B to 3$B. 

New Technologies, New Markets, New Challenges

Aluminum-free deodorants are a product of technological innovation. Advanced research and R&D have allowed manufacturers to create formulations that replace aluminum salts with natural-based ingredients. The gradual transition to sustainable product development also allows product manufacturers to engage in more eco-friendly practices that reduce their environmental footprint.

Yet the main challenge remains efficacy. Aluminum-based deodorants are very effective in preventing sweat and malodor, as they plug-up sweat glands. Sweat itself is odorless, but skin surface bacteria decompose it into volatile malodorous compounds. By reducing sweat, less malodor is formed. Can aluminum-free deodorants, which do not block sweat glands, display similar efficacy?  

Introducing CareMag® D

At ICL, we strive to develop sustainable materials that can help industry players improve their brands and cater to consumer demand. Discussions with our customers revealed that they were actively seeking high-quality natural-based ingredients that can form effective formulations for future aluminum-free products.

Relying on minerals sourced from the Dead Sea, our R&D experts were able to create an active natural-based magnesium compound that minimizes malodor and sweat by controlling the amount of bacteria on the skin surface, and adsorbing sweat. We named this patented compound CareMag® D.

CareMag® D allows deodorant manufacturers to develop formulations that are free from aluminum salts and antimicrobial agents. These formulations can be used in roll-on, stick and aerosol deodorants. CareMag® D is easy to formulate, leaves the skin feeling silky smooth, and does not leave any white residue.

Efficacy, Safety, Sustainability

CareMag® D addresses the growing consumer transition from aluminum-based deodorants to natural-based products. In order to respond to our customers’ needs, adhering to high efficacy, safety and sustainability standards was an absolute necessity.

  • Efficacy: CareMag® D was subjected to in vitro testing, which revealed bacteria growth control. Clinical study results revealed a malodor reduction of more than 40% after 24 hours of use, as well as a malodor score that is similar to aluminum-based formulation. In addition, CareMag® D was evaluated by 22 volunteers to measure customer satisfaction*. Regarding efficacy, more than 90% of volunteers said that the prototype formulation is better or similar to their standard deodorant. 84% agreed that the deodorant provides day-long protection against body odor.
  • Safety: Hypoallergenic (RIPT) and dermatology safety tests were administered to 50 volunteers. None of the volunteers showed any sensitivity, and the formulation was deemed hypoallergenic and dermatologically safe.
  • Sustainability: From a sustainable standpoint, CareMag® D is verified by ECOCERT Greenlife and conforms to the COSMOS-standard. In addition, CareMag® D is not tested on animals, is allergen-free and corresponds to ISO 16128 – 2 with a natural origin index of 1.

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Natural-based for a better future

CareMag® D embodies an ideal combination of natural-based ingenuity, sustainable impact and visionary innovation. At ICL, our goal is to help personal care product manufacturers all over the world create a better future for everyone. It’s not only smart. It’s the natural way. 

Want to join the revolution? For more information on CareMag® D, please contact ___________. 

*Sniffing test was evaluated by proDerm, Germany on 22 subjects. Roll-on with 20% CareMag® D, 24 h after product application. Seven days of Wash Out Phase. 200 mg per axillary


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