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October 14, 2021 | 7 min read

“Volunteering has helped me realize how fortunate I am” – Stacy Broner’s Volunteer Story


One of the central pillars of ICL’s ethos is employee empowerment through meaningful work. We are driven by the vision of a sustainable future. One of  our core values for sustainability is social responsibility. 

ICL is proud of its tradition of cultivating close ties with our local communities via volunteer work. Only few things can be as rewarding as volunteering at places where you work and live. ICL runs its Charitable Giving functions in the global network of communities where ICL operates. 

We offer our employees opportunities and tools to directly impact lives and discover the impact this has on their own sense of self. Through volunteer work, often the sense of  meaning is so great, that our employees remain lifelong volunteers, cherishing the hard work, selfless serving, and gratitude of those whom they have helped.

As we hope to inspire more people to volunteer, we are spreading the word and sharing with you the story of our own Stacy Broner. Stacy has been with ICL for six and a half years, five of which were with ICL Compliance and one and a half with Food Specialties Marketing based out of Webster Groves Technical Center. “I love working with such a talented team of technical and business experts,” says Stacy. “No two days are the same and I am constantly learning something new.” Perhaps this lively curiosity and the love of people  are what predisposes Stacy to engage in volunteer work. ICL’s emphasis on organizing events that benefit the community struck a chord with Stacy: “I’ve really enjoyed participating in the various Charitable Giving events and helping lead some of these efforts.” Leadership, another quality that ICL appreciates and encourages in its employees is one with which Stacy is naturally blessed. 

She joined ICL’s Charitable Giving team shortly after she started working at the company. “We’ve led so many great initiatives – from putting together hygiene kits and collecting undergarments for homeless shelters to local park cleanups and serving meals at food kitchens.” Since 2017, Stacy has been an active member of St. Patrick Center, a local organization dedicated to ending homelessness in downtown St. Louis. “I started on their Young Friends Board and served as chair in 2019.  I currently sit on their board of trustees, where I support regular fundraising efforts for the organization, including their annual gala and golf tournament.” 

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With regard to what drives her inspiring volunteer work, Stacy describes how great it feels to give back to the community, to feel invested in and be a part of the larger community  in her own hometown. It’s when you feel connected to a place that you begin to feel proud of a city and this gives meaning to your own life and work. “I am really proud of this city and am looking forward to watching it continue to grow and improve with the help of these charitable efforts.” 

Stacy has noted the personal impact volunteering has had on her and how it has helped her realize how fortunate she is: “I feel lucky to have a great job, a roof over my head, and such a great community of family, coworkers, and friends.” And this, in a nutshell, really exemplifies how volunteering renders a sense of well-being. 

We feel it is important to illustrate how people-oriented Stacy is as a person, employee, and volunteer. While telling us about her observations, she said something that impressed us very much: “You never know what someone else is going through. Be kind. Always.” 

We take inspiration from employees like Stacy Broner and mold ourselves in their image as best we can. What gives us joy is giving people like her the time and tools to follow their hearts, feel fulfilled, and be part of their community. . Thank you, Stacy, for sharing your story!

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