Education and Science

We strive to promote education, especially in the fields of science, sustainability and technology. Towards this end, ICL operates two flagship programs to offer educational activities and engages in additional activities to develop and support other educational programs. In 2014, we contributed NIS 5.5 million towards education initiatives. We also sponsor various scientific, academic and professional conferences, such as the Israeli Environment Conference 2050, as well as annual conf.


Rotem in the Desert Project

Since 2011, in cooperation with Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority, we have operated an educational program in southern Israeli towns. Its goals are:

  • To embed the values of conservation, respect for the environment and cultural heritage among students.
  • Disseminate information about industrial plants in the vicinity.
  • Provide information about the complexity of the Sustainability Triangle: man, environment and the economy.
  • Develop the student’s ability to think critically, express opinions and identify viable solutions.

The program, which extends over a school year, includes class lessons, training days and special activity days.

In its four years of operation, thousands of students from various Negev communities, and educators, have participated and together learned about complex environmental issues which impact to their lives.


Employment of High School Students and Cooperation with Vocational Schools

We encourage vocational studies among high school students in collaboration with industrial schools that operate under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. We employ 12th-grade students from four schools in the Negev. Each week, the students study in school for four days and work for two days at the plants, mainly in the maintenance and electricity departments and in warehouses. At school, the students study, and earn certificates in electricity, welding, mechanics, automotive and machining. Each student is assigned a Company employee who serves as a mentor who helps them navigate school and their job at ICL.

“We Have Chemistry” – Encouragement of Chemistry Studies in Collaboration with Weizmann Institute

For the last six years, ICL, the Center for Relations between the Chemical Industry and the Educational System, and the Department of Science Education at the Weizmann Institute have led a joint initiative to encourage high school students to study chemistry called, “We Have Chemistry.” The purpose of the project is to use diverse and unusual learning methods to expose students to chemistry, emphasize its importance and contribution to everyday life, and demonstrate the relationship between chemistry and industry, the environment, society and the individual.

Taasiyeda (‘Industry knowledge’)
We work in conjunction with Israel’s Manufacturers Association to promote the study of industrial and environmental subjects in 40 schools in the Negev, through the Taasiyeda (industry + knowledge) program. As part of ICL’s cooperation with Taasiyeda, ICL has run workshops at schools for the past five years designed to expose high school students to the study of chemistry and Israeli industry. In addition, ICL’s Bromine Compounds unit, the Ministry of Education – Southern Region and Taasiyeda joined together for a three-year project in elementary schools, giving enrichment lessons on subjects related to the chemical industry and the importance of bromine, in particular.
Junior Achievement
Our ICL Bromine unit has been part of the Junior Achievement program for more than a decade, and participates in a Skills Day each year. The day is intended to expose students to professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs, executives and business people. Skills Day is designed to increase high school students’ knowledge of entrepreneurship during which senior executives from ICL Bromine lead a variety of workshops for students.