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January 25, 2022 | 7 min read

Biobrom™ – the Cost-Effective DBNPA Solution


Biobrom TM C103L 50% is ICL’s new game-changing DBNPA product. As opposed to common DBNPA solutions that contain a 20% active biocide, Biobrom TM contains a 50% active biocide. By changing the biocide/solvent & water equation, ICL’s new DBNPA product creates significant financial, operational and logistic value.

DBNPA is a fast-active biocide that is used by industries worldwide to eradicate harmful microorganisms, including many forms of bacteria and algae typically found in water. Many industries rely on DBNPA to expel organics and biomass-based bacterial slime buildup, which would otherwise harm their operations.

DBNPA solutions are made up of active biocide, solvent and water. In the common DBNPA solutions in the market, the active biocide component is approx. 20%. Approx. 80% is solvent and water – two components that have no impact on microorganism eradication.

Changing the DBNPA Equation

At ICL, we realized that increasing the concentration of DBNPA in DBNPA solutions would reduce the volumes of solution required for water treatment – which would in turn lead to significant benefits for industry players. As a result, we developed Biobrom TM C103L 50%(BiobromTM 50L for short) – a solution that increases DBNPA levels to 50%.

The most obvious advantage of BiobromTM 50L is financial. BiobromTM 50L’s high DBNPA concentration reduces water treatment costs, since it allows users to use small solution quantities during treatment times. Although the price per unit of the Biobrom TM 50L is higher than the price of the standard 20% DBNPA solution, the total cost per unit of active substance is lower.

The treatment’s cost-efficiency improvement is due to the lower ratio of solvent per active substance of DBNPA in the BiobromTM 50L product. Since solvent costs greatly influence the overall cost of product manufacturing, the treatment cost of BiobromTM 50L is highly attractive for end-clients.

Furthermore, the addition of Bactesperse® to BiobromTM 50L usage may increase cost savings even more. Bactesperse® is a highly innovative solution developed by ICL, which disrupts bacterial communication and misleads microorganisms into entering biocidal environments. For more information on Bactesperse®, please read the following article.

Alongside significant financial savings, BiobromTM 50L also impacts performance. BiobromTM 50L’s lower solvent levels lead to lower organic matter and lower levels of unwanted COD in the treated water. And if that’s not all, BiobromTM 50L also impacts logistics; by purchasing a solution with a higher DBNPA concentration, users can minimize their storage capacity by 2.5 times compared to the capacity required for standard 20% DBNPA solutions.

Biobrom TM C103L 50%: Product Characteristics

Chemical Name: 2, 2 – Dibromo-3-Nitrilopropionamide (DBNPA)

CAS Number: 10222-01-2 MW: 241.84, Br% 66

DBNPA 50% Solution Specifications:

BiobromTM C-50L (50% 2,2-Dibromo-3-nitrilopropionamide)

Parameter                  Specification

Assay (%)                   48.5-51.5

Density (gr/ml)          1.48-1.53

pH (1%)                     2-6

Addressing Stability, Corrosivity and Viscosity

In order for BiobromTM 50L to truly function as a cost-effective plug & play solution, ICL’s R&D team had to ensure that the product complies with the same storage tanks, construction material and dosing equipment that are compatible with common DBNPA 20% solutions.

  • Stability: As far as stability is concerned, no difference had been observed between the DBNPA 20% solution and the Biobrom 50% solution.
  • Corrosivity: As for corrosivity, corrosion rates of metals S.S 316L, 304L and C.S 1010 were determined in different conditions and the results showed that Biobrom TM C103L 50% does not pose any disadvantage. In addition, the plastics PP, PTFE, PVDF, PVC and Viton showed good chemical resistance. As far as their suitability as construction materials, no difference has been spotted in the plastics’ reaction to both DBNPA 20% and 50% solutions.
  • Viscosity: A comparison between the viscosities of different DBNPA solutions at various temperatures at 100 rpm demonstrates that even at different temperatures, there is no need to change dosing pumps after replacing DBNPA 20% solutions with DBNPA 50% solutions. This is demonstrated in the following graph:

Experience the Benefits of BiobromTM 50L

BiobromTM 50L is currently available for supply in your region.

For any questions or additional information regarding BiobromTM 50L, please contact us at [email protected], and we will promptly send you a quote that matches your needs.

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