Ms. Tzipi Ozer-Armon has been serving as Director since 2020. Ms. Ozer-Armon serves as the CEO of Lumenis, she joined the company in May 2012. During her tenure, Ms. Ozer-Armon led Lumenis through a comprehensive growth and profitability turnaround, as well as an IPO on the NASDAQ in 2014, and a successful acquisition process in 2015. Prior to  joining Lumenis, Ms. Ozer-Armon headed the Japanese market activities of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (Nasdaq: TEVA), a business with a turnover of more than $800M. Prior to that, Ms. Ozer-Armon served as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at SanDisk (Nasdaq: SNDK) with multi-billion dollars sales’. She also served as VP and General Manager of MSystems (Nasdaq: FLSH), and as VP of Corporate Development at Comverse (Nasdaq: CMVT). Ms. Ozer-Armon’s impressive career also includes four years at ATKearney, a Global Management Consulting company based in London, UK. Ms. Ozer-Armon holds a BA magna cum laude in Economics from Tel Aviv University, an MBA majoring in Finance and Marketing, and she is an AMP graduate of Harvard Business School.