ICL leadership

Meet the ICL
Leadership Team

Mr. Raviv Zoller

President and CEO of ICL Group since 2018

Mr. Aviram Lahav

ICL CFO since 2021

Mr. Elad Aharonson

President Innovative Ag. Solutions Division since 2021

Mrs. Anat Tal-Ktalav

President, ICL Industrial Products Division since 2018

Mr. Chris Millington

EVP, Food and PS specialty business since 2021

Ms. Lilach Geva Harel, Adv.

Executive Vice President and Global General Counsel since 2019

Mrs. Ilana Fahima

Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer since 2018

Mrs. Miri Mishor

Executive Vice President, ICL Information Technology since 2014

Dr. Anantha Desikan

Executive Vice President and Chief Research, Development & Innovation Officer of ICL since 2018

Mr. Nitzan Moshe

Executive Vice President, ICL Operations since 2019

ICL board of directors

Meet the ICL Board
of Directors

Mr. Yoav Doppelt

Member of the Board Chairman of the Board since 2019

Mr. Aviad Kaufman

Member of the Board since 2014

Ms. Tzipi Ozer-Armon

Member of the Board since 2020

Mr. Ovadia Eli

Member of the Board since 2011

Mr. Reem Aminoach

Member of the Board since 2017

Mr. Lior Reitblatt

Member of the Board since 2017

Mr. Avisar Paz

Member of the Board since 2001

Mr. Sagi Kabla

Member of the Board since 2016

Mr. Gadi Lesin

Member of the Board since 2021

Dr. Miriam Haran

Member of the Board since 2010

Corporate governance

ICL is committed to practicing good corporate governance

In order to benefit all stakeholders and support our social license to operate as well as to secure our continuous growth and increase our company’s value, we are fully committed to practicing a transparent, moral, and ethical corporate governance policy. Our business integrity and ethical behavior are in accordance with the ICL Code of Ethics, which helps us build positive relationships with all our stakeholders, business partners, global communities, and employees while protecting their rights and interests. We adhere to fair labor practices and promote and practice top-tier innovative sustainable solutions for the benefit of our global community as well as for the health and safety of our employees. We comply with all the laws and regulations and constantly seek to enhance the implementation of good corporate governance, which we believe leads to best practice behavior in all related fields.